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What is turner's syndrome?

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2011-03-15 15:03:37

It is a chromosomal abnormaility characterized by offspring with

short stature, lymphoedema, widely spaced nipples, low hairline,

low setted ear and obesity. They may not have menstrual period thus

may be sterile. Other symptoms may include a small lower jaw,

turned-in elbows, a webbed neck, soft upturned nails and drooping

eyelids. Turner syndrome manifests itself differently in each

female affected by the condition, and no two individuals will share

the same symptoms.

It is caused by abnormal splitting of the egg during Anaphase II

of Oogenesis leading to 45 XO chromosomal make up instead of 46 XX

or 46 XY.

The female chromosomes (the BARR BODY) is not present and so the

X is donated by the sperm (male).

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