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Meaningless question. cubic feet cannot convert to inches. do you mean cubic inches? if so, there are 12 x 12 x 12 cubic inches in a cubic foot. Multiply that by 25

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How many cubic inches are in 5 cubic feet?

There are about 8,640 cubic inches in five cubic feet.

How many cubic feet are in twenty five cubic yards?

25 cubic yards is equal to 675 cubic feet.

What is the volume of a cylinder eight inches wide and five feet long?

The volume of a cylinder eight inches wide and five feet long is: 3,016 cubic inches or 1.745 cubic feet.

Is 5 cubic ft more than 3200 cubic inches?

Yes. Five cubic feet equals about 8,640 cubic inches.

How long is twenty-nine inches?

About two feet and five inches

How many cubic feet is five feet five inches?

You have given only one dimension and no indication what shape the volume is, so how can I work out how many cubic feet?

How many cf in twenty five gallons?

5 gallons is 0.67 cubic feet.

If you drill a hole twenty five feet deep and 8 inches in diameter how much concrete will it take to fill it in?

25 feet is equal to 300 inches. The radius of a hole is half its diameter, which equals 4 inches. The volume of the cylinder is given by the formula v = [Pi]r2h, so the volume of your hole is 3.14 * 16 * 300 = 15080 cubic inches. There are 1728 cubic inches to the cubic foot, so you'll need about 8.75 cubic feet of concrete, which is about a third of a yard. (More exactly, that's a cubic yard, but concrete guys just say "yard.")

Cubic feet in a five gallon bucket?

There are 0.6684 cubic feet in five gallons.

How many feet sperm travels?

five hundred twenty feet five hundred twenty feet

How many inches is five feet 10 inches?

Five feet 10 inches = 70 inches.

How do you write 5 feet 10 inches?

Five feet ten inches or Five feet and ten inches

What are the dimensions for a 64 cubic feet box to store firewood?

Two feet deep by five feet tall by six foot five inches wide... Just over 64 c.i.

How do you write 125.25 feet in words?

One hundred twenty-five and twenty-five hundredths feet.

How many cubic feet in a 60lb bag of concrete. five inches thick?

A cubic foot is 12" thick 12" wide and 12" deep. .45 cubic feet per 60# bag of concrete

How many inches are in five feet?

60 inches are in five feet :) "XD

How many cubic feet in 5 gallon?

Five gallons is 0.67 cubic feet.

How big is 5 cubic feet in gallons?

Five cubic feet is 37.4026 gallons.

How many cubic feet in 45 cubic kilometers?

45 cubic kilometers is an enormous volume compared to cubic feet. Forty-five cubic km is about 1,589,160,020,000 cubic feet.

What is 5.00 Liters in inches cubed?

Five liters is 305.1 cubic inches. (61.02 cubic inches per liter)

How many inches is 5 feet 5 inches?

Five feet is 5*12 inches = 60. So Five foot five = 65 inches.

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