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What is unconditional love?


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June 29, 2013 4:18AM

It means what it says: love with no strings attached. For example, a parent who loves a child unconditionally does not convey messages like, 'I love you and [in return] I want you to get a scholarship at Oxford, Cambridge ... [or earn extremely well]' or 'I want you to succeed where I failed ...' or 'provided you never make me unhappy'. Unconditional love involves complete honesty and trust. It's hard and it's rare. However, something close to it is also possible.

when you will do anything for the person you love and try anything to help them out, pretty much go out for them and willing to do all. :-)


It means you love the person and accept them for who they are without reservation - meaning you don't love this part of the person but not another part, etc. You love ALL of that person no matter what. Basically, there are no conditions required of the person - your love is present without conditions placed on it.