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The Mantle

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What is under the earths surface and in the earths crust?


What is formed through the uplift under the earths crust?


What are moving pieces under the earths surface that form the earths crust?

plates are moving beneath the earth's crust.

What is the relationship between magma and lava?

magma is under the earths crust lava is above (on) earths crust

Where is the earths crust thickest?

Under continents

What is the earths under crust surrounded by?

Earths under crust surrounded by Upper Mantle (35-60 km) .The mantle is composed of sillicate rocks that are rich in iron and magnesium relative to the overlying crust.

Where did marble form in the earths crust?

Marble was formed under the outerlayer of the earth's crust

What is melted rock on the earths is called?

Lava....when its under the earths crust its called magma.

Where do gemstones form?

Gemstones are formed under the earths crust

Which layer is under earths crust?

the mantle followed by the core...

What is molten rock under earths crust called?


In earths crust What type of rock is found under the oceans?

Oceanic crust, new oceanic crust is produced by seafloor spreading.

Is magma found under the earths crust?

Yes, it is directly underneath.

What cuases an earhquake?

tectonic plates under the earths crust shifting

How do an earthquake start?

Tectonic plates under earths crust move.

What do you call the plate that goes under the dinner plate?

earths crust

How much depth below the earths surface is the crust?

Earth's crust is about 3-5 miles thick under the oceans. This is called the oceanic crust. The crust under the continents, continental crust, is about 25 miles thick.

How magma turns into lava?

There is no process that turns magma to lava. Magma is molten rock in the mantle(under the Earths crust) and lava is molten rock on the Earths crust

What is the size of earths crust?

The earths crust is 7km thick

What causes the earths crust to move?

Shifting of the Tectonic plates under the earth.

How did pangaea split?

Earths magma moved under the crust and the continents split

What percent does the crust make up of the earths mass?

Under 1 percent

Earths crust is part of the?

The earths crust is a part of the outermost layer.

How do you get silicon out of earths crust?

Silicon is a mixture of the minerals of the earths crust. so.... silicon isn't something from the earths crust. -thanks for your question.

What is the thickness of earths crust?

The Earth's crust averages about 18 miles (30 kilometers) thick under the continents, but is only about 3 miles thick under the oceans.