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This could be a candida rash. Sometimes when you have too much yeast in your blood, it breaks out through the skin as an itchy rash and warmth. It is best to seek a doctor's advice if this continues.

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Can molluscum cause pain?

Molluscum are usually painless unless they become irritated or inflamed. Some people have a little itching from molluscum.

What are the symptoms to stds?

There are a number of sexually transmitted diseases. Depending on which kind, here are a few symptoms; itching, bleeding, painless sores, painful urination.

Is there redness in the skin from fibro?

Sometimes there can be visible redness to the skin from Fibromyalgia. The redness may occur with itching or what feels like a burn, or it may not feel different at all and just appear red or blotchy.

What causes a red painless non-itching blotchy rash that is long lasting and spreads to the groin chest and shoulders that could not be considered an allergy?

probably an STDIt could be measles or another disease. See a doctor to find out.I disagree. I'm no medical professional, but I believe jumping to an STD is a tad hasty. I would see a dermatologist.i also have this. have had it since i was about 17 (25 now). i have been tested since it appeared, and am clean. its only on my groin, is painless, but very unattractive. any help? also, i cant afford to throw money at a dermatologist unless its a serious symptom.thanks.colitis

How can you tell if your dog has parasites?

There are various things to look out for, loss of appetite, scratching, over eating, dragging their behind as if its itching, blotchy red marks on there skin, if I was you, I would seek advise from your local vet or RSPCA as they will be very informative!

How do you use the word itching in a sentence?

He couldn't stop itching the rash.Persistent itching should be checked by a doctor.He was itching for a response from her.

What relieves itching?

Itching cream.

What course of action should you take if you have a rash on the inner upper thigh bikini line that is not raised but very blotchy and red causing some itching and irritation?

you could apply some form of calmine lotion or aloe ver agel. safest would be aloe vera gel.

Does lotion relieve itching?

Yes, lotion helps in itching. Try Eczema lotion, it is good for itching. But if itching persists than consult some Doctor.

Is puppy itching normal?

is puppy itching normal

What is itching in Spanish?

itching -> Comezon o picazon

When will your butt stop itching?

Mine isn't itching.

When will your beard stop it itching?

it will never stop itching.

How do you stop itching from a flea bite?

stop itching it

What part of speech is the word itching?

It is the present participle form of a verb (I am itching to get moving). It can be used as a noun (The itching is driving me mad) or an adjective (her itching nose kept her awake).

What do you do if your itching a lot?

it matters where your itching at and you could have poison ivy

What is acarophobia?

An abnormal fear of itching, or insects that cause itching.

What is the scientific name for itching?

The scientific name for itching is pruritus.

What phobia is the fear of itching?

Acarophobia is the name of the phobia relating to the fear of itching or the insects that cause itching (such as mites or fleas).

Is itching a symptom of dengue fever?

Itching is one of the symptoms of Dengue Fever. The itching can be severe and can happen all over the body.

What is the remedy for itching nipples?

put itching cream on it, put lotion on it

Can chlamydia cause vaginal itching?

Chlamydia can cause vaginal itching.

Which drugs can cause itching?

Itching can be caused by aspirin, codeine, cocaine.

Is itching a withdrawal symptom?

Itching can definitely be considered a withdrawal symptom depending on the addiction. Itching can be a withdrawal symptom from injection drugs for example.

What are some of the warning signs of lymphoma?

Some of the warning signs of lymphoma are small painless lumps in the neck, groin, or armpits, along with weight loss, fever, loss of appetite, night sweats, itching all over, and weakness. The early symptoms of lymphoma are very subtle.