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There is really no such thing. From a legal standpoint, you can assume it's anyone pregnant under the age of 18. From a religious standpoint, underage pregnancy could be considered that of an un-wed woman. From society's perspective, it's simply a "young mother" wed or un-wed.

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Q: What is underage pregnancy?
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Are parents responsible for underage kids pregnancy?


What is the California law for underage pregnancy?

The age of consent in CA is 18.

What would be a good research topic for a girl?

Periods, underage pregnancy??

How young is 'underage' if you are pregnant?

I find the question somewhat confusing, but... Underage *generally* refers to someone who is under the age of majority, which is 18 in the US. Pregnancy has no effect on the age of majority. A 17-year-old is underage. A pregnant 17-year-old is still underage.

Where can you find the books that have disadvantages of underage pregnancy?

Try a library. They have books on everything.

History of underage marriage?

Unless the bride is pregnant, than no, you just need proof of the pregnancy. Yes.

What does underage drinking lead to?

* unwanted Sex, * vomiting, * diarrhea, * heart attack, * Death, * unwanted pregnancy, * and much more

Does pregnancy make underage marriage easier?

In some cases yes. If you are both underage he will need parents permission.In most states a female can marry without parental consent if she is pregnant.Only in Florida can a male who is underage and expecting a child can marry the mother of that child.However, if you are not pregnant, please do not try to get pregnant just to get married.There is no guaruntees.

How does the state find out about an underage pregnancy by an adult if the minor never states who the father is and the parent doesn't know?

The state would only find out that the father of the child was an adult if the mother (underage girl) told somebody and they inturn called the state.

Cons with underage pregnancy?

Aside from the health and mental risks, most young mothers can not care for the child. That responsibility falls to family or the government.

Fynn from power rangers has a kid?

Most likely not. The character is suppose to be a teenager. I don't think Disney would promote underage pregnancy.

Use the word underage in a sentence?

i was not allowed in the bar, I was underage . The underage boys were forced into labor.

What are the Custodial rights of underage mothers in Wisconsin?

This is an interpretive area, usually without a clear direction of the law. The legislatures have not sufficiently addressed the issues of underage pregnancy, other than to abolish the requirement of being sent to a home for unwed mothers. Which still exist.

How can you get a condom if you are only thirteen Please answer the question dont go on about underage sex an pregnancy and whatever this is only to prevent STDs?

This is not the answer this is just one more detail. (One more thing: i am homosexual so there is no chance of pregnancy)

Why is there soo many teenage girls getting pregnant?

The porn industry influenced a lot of teenagers thus they were impacted and caused underage sex and pregnancy.

Underage pregnancy custody laws for pregnant child?

If a young girl decides, or acidentally, got pregnant then i believe the girl has a right to decide who the child stays with.

What is the penalty for underage consumption in Tennessee?

what is the penalty for underage drinking

Do parents have to consent to underage marriage if the bride is pregnant?

Not for the underage bride.However, if the male is underage he will need his parents permission.Besides in FL.

Is underage drinking a felony in wisconsin?

No, underage drinking is not considered to be a felony in the state. Underage drinking is only a misdemeanor in Wisconsin.

How can drugs and smoking lead to underage pregnancy?

== drugs and alcohol can lead to pregnancy because people often don't realize the effects of what they're doing under the influence, causing one night stands == Underage smoker nods out on Heroin, drops cigarette, and starts fire which burns down family house. In need of temporary shelter, young smoker is taken in by relatives, and meets beautiful girl cousin . . .

What is the percent of underage drinking in America?

What is the percent of underage drinking in america?

How do you use underage in an sentence?

Jerry was thrown out of the nightclub for being underage.

When underage teenage pregnancy occurs can both of the childred involved get married without parental consent?

Each state has it's own laws that govern the age when a child can get married without parental consent. Pregnancy or not, it depends on your age and the specific state law.

How much is the fine for an underage drinking ticket?

the fine of an underage 1st. is $172.00

Can you drink underage in Boracay?

No, you cannot drink underage in any civilized country.