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Kane's face

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Q: What is underneath Kanes mask?
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Where can you buy kanes mask?

this site

Is Kanes hair real with his mask on?


What is in Kanes bag?

rey mysterios mask

Why did WWE get rid of Kanes mask?

it was a storyline

What did Kanes mask look like?

Kane's mask looks like red with black flames.

What is in Kanes bag that he brought to RAW?

It was Rey Mysterios Mask not kanes you know nothing about RAW!!! his mask you updated this answer after it was revealed so you cant talk and everybody was fooled.

How do you unlock kanes mask in smackdown vs raw 2010?

You can't.

How can you unlock kanes mask in smackdown vs raw 2010?

figure it out dude

Who took Kanes mask?

no one he just had to do it if he lost a match and yes my favorite wrestler is Kane

What were the black things on kanes face of WWE when he unmaked?

makeup around his eyes to blend in with his mask.

Were can you get kanes mask for sale?

well toy wiz but i checked and it is sold out so the orther sites i checked were $99.00

What is one match in WWE history you wished never happened and why?

the match in which kane had to remove his mask! Sorry the mask would have still came off even if the match had never happened. It was Kanes decision to remove the mask as he was tired of wearing, it those masks get hot under the lights.

How tall is Benjamin Kanes?

Benjamin Kanes is 5' 10".

In WWE is there two kanes or one?

There is only one. It's just that before he used to wear a mask, wig and a one shouldered overall. Now, he is bald and just wears pants.

Is Kanes hair real when he came back to the WWE?

no it's a wig. in 2003 when he took off his mask it was a wig as well. but I think when Kane made his debut his hair was real back then

Who is Kanes best WWE friend or?

kanes best freind is his mom

Does Kakashi ever take his mask off?

Well, in Naruto episode 101 he takes it off, but there was another mask underneath the first one!!! Haha!

Who is the guy at the under Pete's mask in fall out boy's I don't care video?

When Pete takes his mask off in the ally it is Spencer Pratt underneath it.

Who sings Kanes new theme song?

actually finger 11 does kanes theme song

When was Benjamin Kanes born?

Benjamin Kanes was born on March 25, 1977, in Haverford, Pennsylvania, USA.

Is undertakers mom or dad married to Kanes mom or dad?

Yes kanes dad is married to undertakers mom @_@

What does the Hawaiian word Kanes mean in English?

Males or Boys. Wahines and Kanes. Women and Men. Girl and boy

A movie where a teen kills her mother or step mother and hides the murder weapon a mask underneath her house?

The uninvited

What is the command and conquer 3 Kanes wrath CD key?

its the 20 didgit code at the top of the back of the kanes wraith manuel

Is Kane undertaker real brother?

yes they are brothers and paul bearer is not kanes father the undertakers dead father is kanes father