What is une in french?

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'A or one'
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When do you use 'un' or 'une' in French?

it is dependant on the gender of the word, look up the word in the dictionary and it should indicate whether it is feminine or masculine, un is for masculine, une is for

What is un in French?

'Un' means 'One' in French. It is also used to say 'a' when talking about something that is masculine. The feminine version is 'une'.

What is une livre in french?

If you mean "a book" in French it is "un livre" if you mean a "pound" in French it is "une livre"
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When do you use une or un in french?

You use une when the following noun is feminine, un when the following noun is masculine.
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Is it un or une for gloves in French?

It is neither, it's actually "des gants" if you have any other trouble you could always check with "Google Translate" * but remember never to translate your whole project u