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Q: What is united healthcare Subscriber Number?
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What is the federal tax id number of United Healthcare?

United Healthcare FID 960000161

There needs to be universal healthcare in the United States.?

There needs to be universal healthcare in the United States.

Where can I find job listings for United Healthcare?

If you are looking for positions at United Healthcare you can go directly to the United Healthcare website. There they have listings of the job openings that are available.

What is an MSISDN number?

The Mobile Subscriber lSDN Number (MSISDN) is the numberthat the calling party dials in order to reach the subscriber

What is a physician NPI number?

An NPI (national provider identifier) is a number that uniquely identifies a healthcare provider in the United States.

MSN stand for?

Multiple subscriber number.

When was SEIU United Healthcare Workers West created?

SEIU United Healthcare Workers West was created in 193#.

When was Healthcare Cost Containment United Association created?

Healthcare Cost Containment United Association was created in 1985.

Where can I find information about company healthcare?

United Healthcare is the number one company for small business healthcare nationwide. They offer competitive rates and great customer service. Visit for a quote and to apply today.

What is the United Pentecostals beliefs on healthcare?

They believe to use healthcare as needed; but prayer for healing goes along with healthcare.

What kind of plans does United Healthcare offer to individuals?

United Healthcare offers individuals a healthcare plan that includes traditional co-pay, medical coverage during times of change, as well as student healthcare coverage.

What is United Healthcare and how is it different from other healthcare?

United healthcare is mostly for retired people that need medical care and can't afford it due to the lack of mobilization, money, or other problems that a person may have

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