What is universal serial bus port?

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The Universal Serial Bus (USB) port is an input/output port that allows the transfer of data from the computer's hard drive to the portable hard drive (e.g. flash drive). The port serves as the communication mechanism between the two hard drives.
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Who invented the USB - the universal serial bus?

It was invented by an israeli company called "M-Systems" and the brand is called "Disk on key" If you are wondering about USB the Technology: USB was first released in 1995 by a number of companies including Copmaq, DEC, Microsoft, Intel, NEC and Nortel. If you are wondering about USB flas ( Full Answer )

What is a serial port?

A serial port is any port that transmits and receives data serially , or one piece at a time. This is as opposed to a parallel port, which can transmit and receive data along multiple paths at the same time. RS-232, USB, FireWire, PS/2, and ADB are all examples of serial ports. In common usage, the ( Full Answer )

I need Universal serial bus schematic diagram?

http://pinouts.ru/Slots/USB_pinout.shtml This uses the standard FRONT and TOP numbered view, labeling +5VDC, data + and -, and ground. Enjoy; apologies for brevity.

Do you need a serial port?

Many computers do not include a serial port these days, and no modern peripherals use it. If you do not know if you need one or not, you most likely don't.

What goes into the serial port?

The serial port is mostly used to connect Modems. However, there are many devices that can connect to the serial port. Some of these are, mouses, trackballs, scanners, Ham radio equipment, cash registers and many many more.

How many pins are on a serial port?

A standard/typical serial port features 25 pins (d-sub) or 9 pins.However, some special serial ports like USB and PS/2, areconfigured differently.

What are the serial and parallel ports?

serial and parallel are legacy network ports, from way back when before eathernet and usb were adopted as standard. they were both used extensively for printer interfaces, but have since been superseded by usb. in the pre-usb days, specialist hardware such as detectors or motor controls would connec ( Full Answer )

What laptop has a serial port connection?

Many older laptops (2005 and prior( include at least one serialport. It is not specific to any particular model or brand; theywere at one time ubiquitous. The last model that dell made was the D830 latitude. It had serialport built in. we bought some from laptopoutlet.com.

What is the difference between ports and bus?

Based on the definitions at the associated links, a bus is an electronic connection which allows the transfer of information, whereas a port is a socket in the side of a computer which allows a matching plug to connect to that computer.

What are the uses of universal serial bus as a storage device?

The universal serial bus (USB) is a communication device, however it can communicate just about anything that the computer knows about. There are currently available many USB devices available to which the computer can send digital data for storage, including but not limited to: . USB memory sti ( Full Answer )

How are serial ports and com ports different?

A serial port is a type of port which sends and receives data one bit at a time, as opposed to parallel ports which can send and receive in multiple streams. A COM port is a type of serial port. At one time it was the most common type of serial port, but USB has supplanted its role. It is becomin ( Full Answer )

What are the serial port devices?

Devices which are connected through serial ports are called serial port devices.. Examples : mouse, keyboard.

Example of a serial port and a USB port?

A Serial port looks like this: http://www.ergocanada.com/ergo/tipsserial_port.jpg It is used to connect your PC to a monitor or projector. A USB port looks like this: http://www.novopc.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10usb.jpg It is used to connect a wide variety of peripherals to your PC

Universal Serial Bus is an output or an input?

USB ( Universal Serial Bus) serves both purposes...both output and input....when we copy something into a pen drive it serves as an output and when we view something from a pen drive it serves as an Input.

What is serial bus arbitration?

In serial bus, if there are multiple masters, then multiple master decides whether it acquires the bus or not using data pattern. In case where master needs to drive 0, it would drive other wise it would release. Master would always figure out whehter it has acquired the bus or not by checking the b ( Full Answer )

What are the disadvantages of a serial port?

The disadvantages of serialports are that the burger comes from burger king and the fries are from mcdonalsd . the drink is from pak supermarket and then it becomes a meal.

Is VGA port a serial port?

No. VGA port is not either serial or parallel port. It is a different interface. If you need a serial output, you need a VGA to serial converter.

Is there bus Port authority bus terminal to Summit NJ?

No, there is no Port Authority Terminal in Summit New Jersey, but Lakeland Bus Lines provides service into New York's Port Authority along Route 124 to Summit, then onto Millburn/Short Hills and through the Holland Tunnel to Port Authority. In Summit, there are two stops: one is located on Bro ( Full Answer )

What is a high speed Universal Serial Bus?

A data bus usually installed directly into a computer's motherboard that is capable of gigabit data transfer speeds. It may also other hardware that interfaces with a computer that is capable of gigabit data transfer.

What ports on a laptop are serial ports?

Many modern laptops don't have a serial port at all. The most common serial ports on desktop computers were the old style of mouse ports that look like this picture: http://i32.tinypic.com/29vtir.jpg

What is the function of Universal Serial Bus?

Universal Serial Bus allows to connect USB devices and uses hot-swap capabilities to simplify its use. And is also used for charging devices such as a mobile phone, MP3 player, ipod, walkman, etc and is also used for running novelty devices such as a USB fan, USB light, all the way to USB microwaves ( Full Answer )

Can you use universal serial bus hub on the network printer?

For most printers, yes. Most printers have more than one interface, two of the most common are network and USB (Universal Serial Bus). Documents can be sent by either of these methods, and still have the same result. However, some large office machines (many of the products from Ricoh and Xerox) can ( Full Answer )

What devices can you connect to serial port?

A serial port can be connected to numerous devices; pretty much any device that has another serial port. Examples include: Modems, serial mice, serial printers, bar code readers, digital scales, data acquisition equipment, pumps, flow monitors, radios, etc. I have a ham radio receiver that is ( Full Answer )

What OS was the first to fully support universal serial bus?

Microsoft Windows 95 OSR2 (OEM Supplement Release v. 2), codenamed "Detroit", with the USB Supplement installed. Regular Windows 95 did not support USB and there was no supplement to install to support it. You had to have OSR2 or newer and the USB supplement in order to use USB on a PC. Microsoft r ( Full Answer )

Why usb is called universal serial bus?

Because it is universal, meaning that it was developed to allow all kinds of hardware devices to connect to a computer with the same connection. With the USB all computer manufactures and hardware manufactures use the exact same type connection rather than them all using their own type connector. Th ( Full Answer )

Why do they call a bus in serial bus?

A bus is just a collection of wires or a means to carry data. The term came from the old days when the main board only had traces and sockets, and no real components. The backplane resembled the "bus bars" in a telephone system. Now, a bus is generally traces on a motherboard or a type of interface. ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of the Universal Serial Bus USB?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB's purpose is to provide a Universal method of transferring information to and from the computer. USB supports a variety of input and output devices: printers, keyboards, mice, portable hard drives, flash drives, scanners, music players, GPS, WiFi adapte ( Full Answer )

How do you convert from serial port to parallel port?

A serial port is a totally different electrical device thus, as far as I know, can not be converted to a parallel port due to differences in protocols and baud rates/data rates on the port. You can however get a USB to serial/parallel adapter which many people have had good luck with. Hope thi ( Full Answer )

What is a universal serial bus port used for?

A universal serial bus or USB is used to quickly connect input and output devices to computers. You can quickly add many devices instantly after plugging them into a USB port without the need to restart your computer and sometimes even installing a driver. Some example devices are music playing devi ( Full Answer )

Compare parallel port and serial port?

A serial port is a 9 pin, RS-232 connection usually used for Terminal connections and older modems as well as some mice and older keyboards for example. It has lost much of it's popularity and is uncommon on modern computers, usually must be emulated via USB or another port. Usually it's low spee ( Full Answer )

Who invented the USB the universal serial bus?

Ajay V. Bhatt is an Indian-American computer architect who helped define and develop several widely used technologies, including USB (Universal Serial Bus), AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port), PCI Express, Platform Power management architecture and various chipset improvements.

What are the functions of a serial port on the computer?

Serial port is an interface that allows computer to share data with another device. This port usually refers to the 9 pin serial connector or the RS-232 standard. It is a connector that sends data from device to device in a single stream per loop, usually having 2 loops where one is for each directi ( Full Answer )

Why are keyboards connected to the serial port?

The keyboard is connected to the serial port due to the fact that serial cords are much faster at transmitting and receiving data compared to a parallel cord. Serial sends multiple data in both directions and parallel can only send data along a few lines in only one direction, so the data has to wai ( Full Answer )

Why was the USB called the universal serial bus?

USB is an abbreviation of Universal Serial Bus. In other words, we don't call USB the universal serial bus, we call the universal serial bus USB. As to why it's actually called the universal serial bus in the first place, prior to the USB interface, computer hardware devices were limited to using t ( Full Answer )

What is a serial com port?

A com port was originally intended for communications. Back during that time period, it referred to modems and crude networking. Serial means that the data is sent "end-wise" one bit at a time. That is opposed to parallel which means one or more entire bytes are sent at a time.