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Any element capable of undergoing nuclear fission are used as fuel in a nuclear power plant.

Most commonly used elements are Uranium, Plutonium.

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Q: What is used as a fuel a nuclear power plant?
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What is the uraniums use in nuclear power plant?

Uranium is used as nuclear fuel.

What is the atom of a nuclear power plant?

Uranium is the fuel that is used.

Which substance is a fuel used in nuclear power plant?


What is the difference between fossil fuel power plants and nuclear power plants?

The source of heat used to flash water into steam. In a nuclear power plant, it is nuclear fission. In a fossil fuel plant, it is the burning of the fossil fuel. The rest of the plant is fundamentally similar, although each type of plant is optimized for its own steam supply system.

Which isotope is most commonly used as fuel in nuclear power plant?

Uranium 235

How is uranium used in a power plant?

As a nuclear fuel. Uranium nuclear fiision is a powerful source of energy.

Where is the method of producing electricity from a nuclear power plant used?

In a nuclear power plant

What does a cooling water condenser do on a nuclear power plant?

A cooling water condenser at a nuclear power plant condenses steam created when colling the nuclear fuel, permitting the water involved to be used in a closed loop system.

What are the fuel used in steam power plant?

The fuel can be fossil fuel, ie coal oil,or natural gas, or it can be uranium in nuclear plants.

Is a nuclear power plant and power plant the same?

Power plants come in various different types depending on the fuel used, coal, natural gas, oil, wind, solar and so on. Nuclear is one type of power plant in this general category.

What is the function of coolant in nuclear power plant?

The reactor coolant is used to extract heat from the nuclear fuel and hence maintains its integrity.

How is uranium used as a fossil fuel?

Uranium is not a fossil fuel; uranium is used as nuclear fuel for nuclear power reactors.

In a nuclear power plant what is used to change water into steam-?

In a nuclear power plant, a boiler is used to change water into steam.

How many homes can one nuclear power plant power?

Depending on the amount of fuel used at once, well over a hundred.

How commonly is a nuclear power plant used in the US?

Illinois is were nuclear power is most used

Where Uranium used in Nuclear power station?

Uranium is use as a nuclear fuel in the nuclear power stations.

What nuclear reaction is used to the Bataan power plant?

The nuclear reaction used in the Bataan power plant is nuclear fission.

What are the elements used to make the nuclear power plant?

Enriched uranium is the main fuel. Due to the extension of the article, a link below was created to access Wikipedia with full information about Nuclear Power Plant.

Do microwaves have any nuclear power?

There is no nuclear power involved in a microwave unless the electricity used to power it is from a nuclear power plant.

What is nuclear fission used for?

It is used to produce electricity in a nuclear power plant

What is a used fuel in nuclear power plants?

The used fuel in a nuclear power plant is the nuclear fuel being discharged from the nuclear reactor after being irradiated during reactor operation. It is usually composed of trans-uranium heavy elements, a wide variety of fission products (that resulted from the nuclear fission processes in the nuclear reactor) and products of radioactive decay (produced before and after fuel discharge from the nuclear reactor).

Which coolant is used in kalpakkam nuclear power plant?

Sodium is used as a coolant in kalpakkam nuclear power plant for Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor.

What is a radioactive element used for fuel in nuclear power plant?

Radioactive elements used for fuel include Plutonium -239 Uranium-235 and uanium-233.

How does a nuclear sub marine convert its fuel into motion?

A small scale version of a nuclear power plant-thermal energy from the nuclear reactor is used to raise steam to drive turbines

Is uranium used in a reactor?

Yes, uranium is used as nuclear fuel in nuclear power reactors.