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Checking of purity is made by chemical analysis.

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Why is that ice in a glacier considered to be a mineral but water from a glacier is not?

There are several criteria that a substance must meet in order to be considered a mineral. One of those criteria is that the substance must be solid. Ice is solid; water is not.

How can you check the purity of a solid?

Chemists can use a mass spectrometer to determine the elemental composition of any substance; they also have various other analytical techniques available.

Why do you not consider mineral oil a mineral?

To be a mineral, a substance must meet certain criteria. One of these is that the substance be solid. Mineral oil does not meet this requirement.

How can you determine if a substances is a solid at room temperature?

Check the melting point of the substance. If the melting point is below room temperature, then the substance is liquid and if the melting point is above room temperature then it is solid.

Is a solid a substance?

No: solid is a state of matter. A substance can be in solid and/or liquid and/or gaseous state.

Is sugar a solid substance?

Sugar is a solid substance. Everything is either a solid, a liquid, or a gas.

What are the four criteria used in determining whether a substance is a mineral or not?

1. Is it inorganic? 2. Does it occur naturally? 3. Is it a crystalline solid? 4. Does it have a consistent chemical composition?

What will happen if you heat a solid substance?

if you heat a solid substance it will melt at certain degree of temperature according to the substance.

Can freezing form a new substance?

No, freezing is a change in STATE of a substance (from liquid to solid), the solid is NOT a new substance.

What is the definition of a solid solute?

Solute is any substance that is dissolved in a substance and is present in less quantity than the other substance. If the solute is a solid substance then it is called a solid solute. For example :- sugar dissolve in water, sugar is solid solute.

What is the point at which a substance changes from a solid to a liquid?

A substance changes from a solid to a liquid at its melting point

When a substance changes from liquid to a solid it is called?

When a substance changes from liquid to solid is called freezing.

What is a substance changes from a liquid to a solid?

Any substance can change to a solid, if it gets cold enough.

What happens when a substance changes state from solid to liquid?

When a substance changes from solid to liquid, it melts.

The temperture at which a given substance will change from a solid into a liquid?

The temperature at which a given substance changes from solid to liquid is the meltling point of that substance.

Is a mineral solid?

A mineral is, by definition, a solid substance.

Is jelly a solid?

Yes, jelly is a solid substance.

Is snow a solid substance?

I think snow is solid.

What is a solid substance left after heating coal or petrol?

i am a solid substance left after heating coal or petol

What do you call the solid substance form during precipitation?

Answered your own question there, the solid substance is the precipitant.

What is sublimnation scientifically?

Sublimation is when a solid substance changes directly into a gas. The solid substance does not melt into a liquid.

What is a solute substance?

a solute substance is a solid substance which dissolves in a solvent which is a liquid.

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