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A still. (Ha Ha.) A still is a closed boiler with an outlet in the top, which directs the evaporate to a condenser. The condensed matter has higher alcohol content than what was in the boiler. Usually the process is done three times, starting with mash that is 10%, doubling the first two times through, resulting in 40% alcohol, then distilled more carefully the third time through to raise it to somewhat above 50%. This product is then aged in single use charred white oak barrels for at least four years. Visit one of Kentucky's fine Bourbon distilleries for much more information. (Or the one in Virginia.) Woodford Reserve, south of Frankfort, is highly recommended.

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Can bourbon be used in place of whiskey?

Bourbon is actually a type of whiskey.

Can whiskey be used in sauce instead of bourbon?

Yes, whiskey can be used. Note: bourbon is an American whisky.

Can you use whiskey instead of bourbon when cooking?

Yes, you can I wanted to try Bourbon glazed salmon but didn't have any bourbon so I used Whiskey and I think it turned out even better.

What is main difference between bourbon and American whiskey?

none bourbon is american whiskey

Is Evan Williams whiskey or bourbon?

Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bourbon is an American whiskey, a type of distilled spirit, made primarily from corn and named for Bourbon County, Kentucky.

Can whiskey be used as a substitute for bourbon?

It depends. Bourbon is a subset of whiskey. Other whiskeys include Tennessee, Scotch, Canadian, and Rye. Using Scotch or Canadian whiskey in place of bourbon would not be advisable because of taste differences. If bourbon is not available, try a Kentucky or Tennessee whiskey like Early Times or Jack Daniels. Happy mixing!

Was bourbon whiskey invented on November 8?

Nobody knows who first invented Bourbon Whiskey, or when.

What is the difference between bourbon and whiskey?

A bourbon is a type of whiskey. It has much stricter rules for generation

What is difference between Tennessee whiskey and bourbon whiskey?

Tennessee whiskies are straight bourbon which is made from corn and the producers of these whiskey is the states of tennessee bourbon is mainly producing from kentuchy states

Is ack Daniel is a bourbon whiskey?

no its a Kentucky whiskey

Jim beam is whiskey or brandy?

whiskey it,s Bourbon

Is Jim bean whiskey or bourbon?

Both. Bourbon is a type of whiskey named for Bourbon county KY. A few other whiskeys Scotch Tennessee Rye Irish

Is bourbon considered a whiskey?


What kind of whiskey is Jim beam?

Jim Bean is bourbon whiskey.

Is Jack Daniel's a bourbon whiskey?

No. It's labelled as a Tennessee whiskey.

Is it legal to distill your own distill Your own whiskey?

No it is not per Federal regulations. You must have a license and also observe state and local laws before distilling your own whiskey.

Is Benchmark Bourbon gluten free?

There is no gluten in any bourbon, whiskey, or liquor.

Can you use whiskey in a dessert recipe that calls for Bourbon?

Absolutely. Bourbon is just regular whiskey, usually distilled in Kentucky. There are a few rules for the way it is made in order for it to be called "bourbon," however, it is still just primarily a corn whiskey.

Why did the farmers distill their grain to whiskey?

because whiskey was worth more than grain and it was easier to transport.

What whiskey is named after a county in Kentucky?


Whiskey named after a county in Kentucky?


Is crown royal a bourbon or whiskey?


Is Jameson a bourbon?

No, it's an Irish whiskey.

What are bourbon whiskey distilleries?

These are places where bourbon is produced. Bourbon, like many spirits, is made through the distillation process.

Is crown whiskey or burbon?

Crown Royal is a Canadian Whiskey. All Bourbon is American.