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Any materials can be used to make pop art. This includes metal, wood, paint, paper and other materials. This is a fee expression type of art.

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Why is pop art called pop art?

Pop is short for popular. pop art used to be called Propaganda art but as more and more people liked it it was renamed pop art.

What was pop art used for?

Pop art can be used for, comic strips, special affects and lots more.

Why did pop art started?

pop art started when a boy was in his room trying to make a card for his mom he cut it up and by mistake made pop art.

What are the principles of pop art?

The reason its called pop art is because the artist intention is meant to make the art pop out at you. Most of the time though it doesn't work.

What is the medium used for pop art?

The type of medium that is most commonly used in the art form known as pop art is signage used in advertisements. Advertising agencies try to use colors and slogans that will catch a consumer's eye and make them want to check out the product being advertised.

When did they make pop art?

In the 1960s and later.

Definition of pop art?

Pop art is known as a modern art movement. It originally started in the 1950s and is still widely used today.

When did pop art end?

pop art is still alive today, it is used in advertising and packaging such as CD covers

What is the media used to make pop art?

The pop art movement started a cultural change in the 1950's. It was predominant in areas like advertising, cultural objects and comic books. Pop art relied heavily on the use of vivid colors such as red, yellow and blue.

What themes are used in pop art?

themes :)

Where did pop art become well known?

what is pop art what is pop art

Did pop art critique post war society?

Pop art did not critique post-war culture. Conversely, it used what was popular in society as a medium for art.

How was mass production used in Pop Art?


what country used pop art the most?

the usa

A form of art where artists make popular culture into artwork is called what?

Pop Art

What is pop art about?

pop art is a forum of painting .

How was pop art made?

if they wanted there pop pictures to be brighter they used a technique called benday

How do you make pop art look good?

take your time, do all the things that pop art has- like bright colours or you could stick to a particular artists style to make it easier :)

What are colors used for?

Colors are used for lots of things like for example , posters , advertising, pieces of art , and mostly to make some thing pop out.

How do you make pop art?

you splat on poo u spray some wee and rub your bum on the art then taste it and peel some spots off your face and body and get a pin and pop them to create pop art thank you for doing this

How contrast used in pop art?

cliche = "opposites attract"

Pop art artist who used cultural icons such as Marilyn monroe in his art?

Andy warhol

How did pop art come about?

pop art came about in..... 1960,,,

What was the subject matter of pop art?

Why was pop art created

How do you recognize pop art?

depends are you a pop art professional?