What is valid MBA cat score?

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Every University has set their own acceptance zone for minimum CAT score. There is no universal acceptance CAT score. University set the minimum CAT score as per the intellect of the students performance.

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Q: What is valid MBA cat score?
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What are the admission requirements of the Indian Institute of Management?

50pc in UG, 10th and +2. Valid CAT score

Is MBA from icfai valid?

i m doing MBA from icfai university dehradun in distance learning and want to know is it valid for government sector job or not?

Is distance education certificate valid to do an MBA abroad?


Which exam should we write for MBA at Stanford university?

GMAT score is required for admission to MBA at Stanford University. Recently it has started accepting GRE score also for admission to it's prestigious MBA program.

Is NIBM certificate for MBA valid in India?

i am doing 1 y fastract mba in nibm it is good and its have scope in markewt

Is CAT exam compulsory for MBA?

CAT exam is compulsory for MBA if you are looking to study in the IIM and alsoΒ Β  some of the leading business schools accept CAT scores for their MBA course. For more information please contact Growth Centre on 022-25287474.

Which is easier gmat or CAT?

None of the exams is easy or difficult since they are competitive and your score is always compared to scores obtained by others (Percentile). In choosing the exam kindly check the target college where admission is desired and which exam does it consider. Also consider that the GMAT score is valid for 5 years while CAT (Indian) is valid for 1 year. The cost of giving CAT and GMAT is also very different and should be considered.

WhichTop MBA colleges in Mumbai accepting maharashtra cet score?

Hi, Well could not find the perfect list which will give you the MBA colleges in Mumbai which accept the MAH MBA CET score but i found the list of the top 10 MBA Colleges in Mumbai. You can find the name of the top MBA Colleges along with their website address. You can find the link below in the Sources... :)

Is a credit score of 9002 bad?

9002 is not a valid score. A credit score would be a three digit number.

Can you get admission to MBA - hr in a good college in noida without a cat score missed the cat exams in nov 2007?

there are no. of colleges in India where you take admission but i suggest you try to take top ranked colleges before join the college check placement.

Where to get Mba mock test on web?

You can visit at for Mock Test as well as all required info about MBA/CAT Exam.

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