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You need to get it lettered by Browning.

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Q: What is value of Browning Model 8 over under 20 ga double shotgun fully engraved marked b 8 on action with 5 digit serial number?
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How do you disassemble double auto browning shotgun?

The browning web site will provide this info.

How can you tell what a Steven 20 ga double barrel series H shotgun have for chokes in each barrel?

Break open the action and it should be engraved on the metal that is normally unseen when the action is close, that or it should be on the barrel. If the chokes are removable then it should be engraved on those as well.

Can a browning double auto shotgun be tapped for internal choke tubes?

Not recommended

What is the value of a 2shot double automatic browning shotgun?

50-500 usd

What guns were made in 1800s?

The guns made in the 1800s were muzzleloading rifles, usually made by Browning. Browning also made a double barrelled and lever action shotgun, which was a huge success. Revolvers were also becomming popular at the time.

Is the browning bdm the same as the browning da sa?

No the meaning of browning bdm means browning detachable magazine,while the browning da means (double action) and sa means (single action) in reference to browning handguns.

How do you find out the year of a browning double auto shotgun?

Contact Browning or go to their site and look it up under Customer Service.

Did browning make a 27110 SSN 78 model1887 12 gauge double barrel shotgun?

You must call Browning to find out.

Double barreled shotgun brands?

Winchester, Browning, LeFever, Adamson, Purdy, Greener, etc..

What is a harrington richardson model 865 worth?

i have a shotgun double barrel, i think it maybe 12gauge with Richard or righard on the plate below the barrel, the butt of the shotgun has browning automatic on it, which made me think it was a browning, but it is not...can you help me id the shotgun and what the value is

If If you have double barrel shotgun that has Aclede Gun Co engraved instead of Laclede are you not seeing a L or is this the true name?

do you have a picture

If a 'twelvette' is an aluminum receivered double automatic shotgun what would the 'twentyweight' engraved on a 12 ga aluminum receivered double automatic shotgun signify?

I thought twentyweight was for (20) gauge.. I assume you are talking about Browning shotguns? The "Double Automatic" was a Browning A5 type of gun that only held two shells. Lighter weight than a standard 12 gauge,maybe as light as a 20 gauge gun. The aluminum receiver would be the main way the weight was reduced on the 12 gauge. I'm sorry I don't have my Browning books handy to give any more info.

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