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What is value of a 1917 German 1 Deutsche Mark?


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The Deutsche Mark was not introduced until 1948. In 1917 the German currency was the Reichsmark.

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"Deutsche" is German for "German." The Mark was the currency of Germany after WWII until it adopted the euro.

1956 D 1 Mark xf condition german coin

The last issue (1991/93) West German (Deutsche Bundesbank) 20 DM note in perfect uncirculated condition is worth $30.

Depending on condition, it would be worth between $3 and $20.

It was the German Mark (DEM), or Deutsche Mark.

From year 1900 until they adopted the Euro in 1999, Deutsche Mark (German mark) was the German currency.

What the american value of deutscnhe mark 1967

Only East Germany (German Democratic Republic) issued 1 DM notes in 1948. It is worth about $5.

Please post a new, separate question with the coin's date. Without that information it's not possible to estimate a value.

It is a German banknote that as of 2002 is no longer used. All German banknotes were printed with 'bundesbank deutsche mark', which is the German Federal Bank and Funfzig is German for 'fifty'.

A curios of little value issued during the height of German hyperinflation. The German currency was of so little value that a wheel-barrow of money was needed to buy a loaf of bread and it was cheaper to burn the money for heating than buy coal or wood.

The Euro is the German currency (symbol '€').Before 2002 the currency was the Deutsche Mark (DM) or German mark.Before 1990 there were two currencies, the Deutsche Mark in the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and the "Ostmark" (officially "Mark der DDR") in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany).

Since 2002 the only legal tender currency in Germany has been the Euro. The currency before that (1948-2002) was called the Deutsche Mark (DM), which was generally referred to in English as the Deutschmark or the German Mark. From 1925-1948 the currency was the Reichsmark (RM), which should not be translated.In particular, Deutsch is simply the German word for German

I really hope you're kidding, but the German currency is the Euro. Before that, it used to be the Deutsche Mark.

The last issue German 20 Mark note, dated 1993, is worth $30 in mint uncirculated condition and face value if used (about $10 - the note can be exchanged at a German bank for Euro). Older notes can be worth more.

Deutsche Mark ended in 2002.

Deutsche Mark was created in 1948.

No value at all as money. Value as a collectable is only slightly higher if it has even the slightest amount of wear, maybe 25-50 cents. If uncirculated, you might get a few dollars for it.

There is no German Mark anymore. 1 German Mark is 1/2 Euro.

German Mark (DEM), also known as the Deutsche Mark, was the official currency of Germany.

The German Mark (DEM), also known as the Deutsche Mark, was the official currency of Germany. It was replaced by the Euro in 1999. Deutsche Mark banknotes and coins stayed in circulation until 2002.

It was superseded by the Euro in 2002 and is no longer legal tender.

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