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To answer your question it depends on which state you live in and the condition of the weapon. Your local federally licensed gun dealer can answer your question the best. In Idaho for example I can walk out of a local gun show or a pawn shop with one for about $40 all day long.

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Who made the model 44 dl J C Higgins 22 caliber rifle lever action and what is it worth?

It is a Model 56 Marlin It is a Model 56 Marlin

How can you find the manufacturer and parts for a 22 caliber Sears Model 42DL-10319801 bolt action rifle?

The Sears Model 42DL .22 caliber rifle was manufactured by Marlin Firearms, their Model 80. Check with Marlin for parts availability.

What is a good accurate 22 caliber rifle?

I had luck with a Marlin bolt action. Unsure of model though.

What is the value of a 22 caliber Sears Ranger Model 103.13 bolt action rifle?

100 dollars. also known as marlin mod. 81. made by marlin

How much is a Marlin-Glenfield model 25 22 caliber bolt action long rifle worth?

About $150.00

What is the value of a 22 caliber bolt action marlin model 20 serial number 71377074?

The value of a .22 caliber bolt action Marlin Model 20 rifle with a serial number 71377074 is between $100 and $400. The actual value varies greatly based on its overall condition and the potential buyer.

Will the Marlin 22 caliber model 98 or 39 magazine fit the 92?

Yes, there is a kit available which fits Marlin Lever action rimfires from 1891 thru 1939.

What is a model 25 22 caliber?

Model indicates a particular design by a particular maker. In the case of the Marlin/Glenfield Model 25 rifle, it is a bolt action rifle in caliber .22 Long Rifle. It has a 7 shot box type magazine. The Model 25M is in caliber .22 Magnum

Where can you find used parts for marlin model 20 22 caliber pump action?

I would first look at numrich gun parts.

How much is a Marlin Glenfield model 25 22 caliber bolt action long rifle worth?

$359.00 to $890.00 us $

Marlin model 80?

Despite the question mark, you have not yet asked a question. The marlin Model 80 was a bolt action hunting quality .22 rimfire caliber rifle. Value will depend on condition, but is roughly in the $125-$150 range.

What year was a Marlin Lever Action Model 1893 manufactured and what caliber is serial 203475 Special Smokeless Steel on an octagonal barrel with Marlin Safety on top of the action?

Roughly 1900. Since Marlin mixed serial numbers between models on the early levers it can be hard to pin down exactly. As to caliber, look on the top flat of the barrel.

What year is the marlin model 80 dl bolt action 22 from?

The marlin model 80dl was made by marlin from 1940-1965.

Has anyone heard of a marlin model 18 pump action 22 caliber photos year of manufacture?

I believe I have a Marlin No.18 pump action octagon barrel single shot rifle. Would upload photo but cannot locate this option.

Did Marlin make a 25 caliber pump action?

Yes. The model 27 was made in .25 Stevens rimfire, and .25-20, plus .32-20.

Where can you get parts for a JC Higgins 22 caliber bolt action rifle model number 103.228?

Numrich Gn Parts Crp. I believe it is a Marlin Model 81. I Have A JC Higgins Model #103.229 Bolt Action E Mail

What is the value of a 22 caliber Marlin model 25?

50-135 USD

What is value of marlin 22 caliber model 781?

50-100 USD

Info on 1908 marlin 25 caliber pump?

There was no Model 1908, so I am assuming you are looking at the 1908 patent date on the barrel. Which is wierd, since the only .25 caliber slide-action rifles produced by Marlin were the Model 27 (.25/20) and 27S (.25 RF) which did not have the 1908 date. Please doublecheck your information.

Where can you find parts for a Cotter and Company West Point Model 40 22 caliber single shot bolt action rifle?

Basically a Marlin Model 100. I have parts.

Value-Marlin model 1892 22 cal octagon barrel lever action?

In order to determine the exact value of a Marlin model 1892 22 caliber octagon barrel lever action firearm, a couple factors would need to be taken into consideration. Most importantly, the condition of the firearm.

What type of action does the Marlin model 81 have?

this is a bolt action rifle

What is the value of a 45 caliber 30-30 Sears JC Higgins lever action made by Marlin in mint condition?

First, decide if it is a 45 caliber or a 30-30. If you can identify the equivalent Marlin model, the Sears version should be worth 20-30% less.

How old is a Marlin Model 980 bolt action?

The marlin model 980 bolt action .22WRM,was made by marlin between 1962-1970.There price range is between 75-135 dollars.

Where can you get a new magazine clip for a 22 caliber Marlin Model 80 G bolt action?

Numrich Gun Parts Corp.should be able to supply you with the magazine in question.