What is value of a baseball found at a storage auction supposedly used and signed by Babe Ruth?

The value of "Supposedly" used and signed by Babe Ruth is low if not worthless. The baseball will only have value if "it is" used and signed by Babe Ruth. The only way to remove the "Supposedly" is by having the signature properly authenticated. As far as being "used" only a high level letter of provenance tracing the ball back to the baseball actually being used by the Babe will confirm this. Without strong provenance the ball will always be "Supposedly used" and will have no value as such. There will be no way of proving that the baseball is "game used" or "used by Babe Ruth" so what you have is a Babe Ruth single signed baseball which does have high value. However if the baseball is not properly authenticated you could land up with half the market value or less. The value of a Babe Ruth single signed baseball could be worth anywhere from $4,000. -$10,000. and up Value will vary baseball on the condition of both the baseball and signature, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. The signature should be strong, and bold, as opposed to faded and hard to see. If the baseball is "Supposedly" game used then the baseball should be an Official Major League baseball, and this will add some value as well, as opposed to a common store bought baseball. For more information on autographed baseballs visit the link I left on this page. I also left a link to a sample of Babe Ruths autograph.