What is value of an Ithaca shotgun?

Ithaca double barrel shotguns were made in several grades. Value will depend on grade and condition. The Blue Book lists a 16 gauge field grade in 90% condition at $750 while a grade 5E is $2500. And there are also a Grade 7E and a Sousa Grade, which are so rare that it is impossible to estimate what one might bring at auction. A 20 gauge double in usable condition should be worth $150-$250. A 2500 series Centennial, which had some silver plated parts, is listed at $500 in NRA Very Good in the Standard Catalog. If it is the standard model, only $200.

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Your question as asked cannot be answered accurately, due to the large number of different shotguns made by Ithaca over the last 120 years. Some are very "cheap", while others are very expensive. Details such as Model, year, gauge, condition, etc. will all significantly impact its value. You might check out Gunbroker.com for some comparisons.