What is value of deutsche werke werk erfurt 7.65?


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Always depends on condition. $50-$100 if it needs work or has a lot of wear to $250 if in excellent condition. Last one I bought was for $25 but it needed an extractor & barrel.

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Impossible to answer without a detailed description of ALL marks.

What would you like to know about this pistol? I've done quite a bit of research on these.

Your DW is worth $150 in absolutely mint shape to a collector. They were poorly crafted firearms and the cocking mechanism was prone to early wear.

when was the Deutsche werk werk erfurt 22 single made and what is the worth? I was told by a gunsmith that they were made sometime after WW1 for export to improve the trade balance for germany. They were mass produced and sold cheaply. They mostly have sentimental value. It was the first gun I ever fired when I was 6 years old. I still have it and am now aged 69.

Gun shop or gun show. But first you will need to determine the exact model of your handgun and caliber. By the way, correct name is a magazine, not a clip.

Can't tell from the information you gave- which is that you have a .32 ACP caliber pistol made in Erfurt Germany. But if you have a DWM (Deutsche Werk und Munitionsfabriken) Pocket Automatic (similar to the FN Browning Model 1910) they were made from ABOUT 1921-1931. In good condition, about a $450-$500 pistol.

Blue Book of Gun values, old firearms catalogs, internet searches, gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops.

I was told when I purchased the rifle,that it was a (HITLER YOUTH TRAINING RIFLE) Idont know how true that is! THANKS-TODD

How old is my deutsche werke .25 cal pistol?cal.6.35m/m (on barrel) with stamp of N and a "symbol." ortgies' patent. deutsche werke aktiengesellschaft, werk erfurt (on left side of slide)N and a "symbol" (on right side of slide) matched same N and "symbol" (on right side of frame). (N and symbols match barrel).OH (inter-twined) metal stamp (on wood grips)Germany (on top of serial number underside of slide in front of triggerguard) 147, yes 147Thank you in advance for any help.

my grandfather has one of those pistols he bought it at a local gun store for $85 about 50 years ago this one says 1929

What do you need to know?? They are also known as Ortgies. They were a very popular quality pistol made in the 1920's. Many were imported to the U.S. and sold here, others were brought back by veterans returning from WW2. Calibers were .25, .32 & .380 auto. Send me an email if you have other questions on this pistol.

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG Werk BerlinAm Juliusturm 14-38 13599 Berlin, Germany

I just found out that this gun is a German made gun. circa 1922-1926. most likely its a 7.65mm(32 cal.) if it is an original it may have wood grips with a gold or bronze insignia init of an animal. I recentally saw one for sale in fair condition for 200 $$AnswerI have a gun like the one described. Mine is a 7.65mm with a wooden grip with a bronze/ brass/ circle with a small animal inside it. However mine is missing the clip.Does anyone know where I could get a clip?

Find a gunsmith and ask for help. Go to the library and look for back issues of Gun Digest.

We call the 7.65mm the .32 ACP. Anyone who sells pistol ammo should have this.

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