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What is vehicular manslaughter?



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Vehicular= vehicle or car manslaughter= causing the death of a human being In other words, a person caused a car accident and killed somebody. * The term is used when a death results from any accident involving a moving vehicle of any type where deliberate gross negligence (speeding, reckless driving, etc.) a DUI or DWI is proven on the part of the driver. It includes striking a pedestrian, a biker, a person in another vehicle or t a passenger in the vehicle that is at fault, and so forth. If it is in connection with negligence (driver inattention) or a minor speeding offense and the offender does not have a prior record it is usually treated as a high class misdemeanor. If it is in connection with a DUI or DWI or occurs when another crime is being committed (racing, car jacking, etc.) it is always a priority felony charge.