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What is veto?

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The rejection or overruling of a bill by the president
Veto is a constitutional right to reject a decision or a proposal that was made by a law-making body.

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What is the meaning of 'veto' in Latin?

Veto = I forbid Veto = I forbid

For the rock group VETO what does VETO stand for?

full of veto

The veto and the pocket veto are two ways that the can reject a bill?

The veto and the pocket veto are two ways that the _____ can reject a bill

Two ways a president can veto a bill?

pocket veto or direct veto

How can you end a veto?

by overriding the veto

What does the prefix veto mean?


3 What four options does the President of the US have for handling a law?

Sign it, veto it, do a pocket veto.

Can the President Veto the Veto of his Veto?

No. The President only has one choice to veto or to pass it. Once he veto's it goes back to congress where they can kill it or they can override his veto with 2-3 majority.

What is the plural of veto?

The plural of veto is vetoes.

What is the automatic veto called?

pocket veto

What is a recall veto?

There is no such thing as a "recall veto"

Who can veto?

Only the president can veto a bill.

To veto means to?

To veto is to reject a decision or proposal made by a law-making body.

How many ways can a president veto a bill?

Well as far as I know veto 2 options on a bill 3 (veto, pocket veto, or sign),

A pocket veto differs from a regular presidential veto in that the pocket veto?

A pocket veto is not a direct veto of a bill. Rather, it occurs when the president holds onto a bill, unsigned, until after Congress adjourns.

What is the difference of a veto and a pocket veto?

To veto a bill, the executive returns it to the legislature with a list of objections. To perform a pocket veto, the executive simply fails to either return it or sign it, the effect of which is to veto the bill.

How can a president's veto be overridden by Congress?

A president's veto can be overridden by Congress with a 2/3 majority in the House. If it is a pocket veto though, the veto cannot be overridden.

How do you use the word 'veto' in a sentence?

The President can veto laws made by the legislative branch. The President can veto a law because he thinks it is unneeded.

Veto Power of The President of the Philippines?

The veto power of the President of the Philippines is similar to the power of the United States President. The President can veto a bill, but the veto can be overridden.

Which branch of government can veto a bill?

The Executive branch (the President) has the power of veto. Though The Executive can veto bills, the Legislative branch can override a President's veto.

What three things can the president do to bills passed to him?

Veto, sign, and Pocket Veto (veto by doing nothing)

Does veto mean to accept?

Veto does not mean to accept. Veto means one rejects the idea completely.

The veto and pocket veto are two ways that the what can reject a bill?

The President can use a veto in these two ways.

How do you use veto in a sentence?

Veto is a word for rejecting a specific action. It is usually performed by a chief officer who has the power to override a committee's proposed action. "The President threatened to veto the Congressional bill if it was not changed."The governor wants to veto the bill.The senate will override the veto.

What are the two ways a president veto a bill?

The two types of veto are: Pocket veto and direct veto. The pocket veto is only available if Congress adjourns before the President has had 10 days to study the bill sent to him.

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