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What is vitality?

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Vitality means strength or power

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What is the Greek word for vitality?

zotikotis - vitality sfrigos - lustiness, vim, vitality

What is the Latin word for vitality?


A sentence for vitality?

a sentence ofr vitality is His paintings are a bright profusion of energy and vitality.

What is the ancient Greek word for vitality?

zotikotis - vitality sfrigos - lustiness, vim, vitality

What part of speech is vitality?

Vitality is a noun.

Vitality in a sentence?

Vitality is defined as the state of being strong and active. To have energy. As she grew older, It was important for her to maintain her vitality.

More full of vitality?

Vitality can be considered as healthy. And then to get more vitality you need to do things that make you healthier, like diet and exercise.

How do you increase vitality?

Vitality can be described as the overall health of a person. In general, health and vitality can be increased by a good balanced diet and moderate exercise.

A sentence with the word vitality?

The illness robbed her of all her strength and vitality. The exercise and diet program helped me regain the strength and vitality I had in my teens.

How do you make vitality into an adjective?

You say "My little sister always has vitality in her attitude"

Another word for Vitality ending in pH?

A synonym for the noun vitality is oomph.

Another word for vitality?

Synonyms for "vitality" : life, drive, verve, vim, vigor

What is a vitality poem?

A Vitality Poem is a Poem written with Vitamins! - Homer J. Simpson

What do you have if you are energetic?


Which is better Trident Vitality or Dentyne Pure?

This is a question of opinion, but i honestly think Trindent Vitality.

A sentence using the word vitality?

Vitality is an adjective, used to describe something that is full of life.The plant was lush, green and it's vitality filled the doctor's waiting room.Her best feature, to me, was her vitality, she had a lust for life not often found in women her age.

Can vitality be a antonym for benign?

No. Vitality means lively, energetic. Benign means non-harmful, kindly.

Does vital have any connection to vitality?

Vital and vitality both have the word for life as their root. Vital means absolutely necessary, as in no life without it. Vitality simply means filled with the life force.

Is the Braun Vitality a sonic toothbrush?

The Braun Vitality is part of the Oral-B series of Sonic electric toothbrushes. There are several different versions of the Vitality with the most popular being the Precision Clean.

Use vitality in a sentence?

It was vital that she double checked her math homework. There was, therefore, much vitality involved with school.

What has the author Richard Esser written?

Richard Esser has written: 'Vitality' -- subject(s): Mental health, Vitality

What is electrical energy energy?

It is vitality that is created by moving electric charges. Following the electric charges are moving, this is a type of active vitality. The quicker the electric charges are moving the more electrical vitality they convey.

How do you use vitality in a sentence?

I enjoy my English teacher's classes because of the vitality she brings to her teaching. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious.

What does vivify mean?

Vivify means to animate, enliven, or to impart vitality.

What does it mean if your sperm has low vitality?

Vitality is a measureÊ of fraction of sperms cells that are alive. Low vitality means most of the sperm cells are dead. It can be due to poor dietary habits or wrongÊ life style choices.