Walk Two Moons (Book)

What is walk two moons about?


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This amazing novel is ment for young-adults. It is about Salmannca (Sal) and her journey through the book. She meets Phoebe, a girl her age. They talk about how their mothers both just left them one day. Phoebe thinks her mother was kidnapped, as far as the mysterious notes and letters her family keeps reciving. Sal tells her that she is going to visit her mother who is "peacefully resting in a nice, quiet place." It all shoks us to reliaze that Sal's mother was killed in a car crash. She is overwhelemed by her mother dying and her grandmother getting sick and passing away, as well. she becomes stronger and braver through the book. I, personally recommened this book to everyone 10 years old or older. It is amazing and heartbreaking, but it is just so well written. It is written by Sharon Creech. Sharon also writes 2 other great books, Love that Dog, and Hate that Cat, and they made me cry of how they were written. Keep up the great work, Sharon Creech. You're great!!