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What is weight per gallon of diesel?


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The weight per a us gallon of diesel is about 7.49 lb.

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Winter diesel weighs about 1.92846 lbs (0.875kg). per litre or 7.3 lbs (3.311kg) per us gallon

7.0-7.3 Lb per US gallon (depends on temperature)

The average weight of one gallon of #2 fuel oil is 7.2 pounds. Water weighs 8.34#/gal.

about 8lbs, per one gallon of diesel.

What's the weight per gallon

The density of petroleum diesel fuel is about 0.85 kilograms per litre (7.09 pounds per gallon).

If you are asking about diesel fuel, one gallon of diesel fuel weighs about 7 pounds.That's the American gallon, a British gallon of diesel would weigh about 8 pounds.

btu per pound * pounds per gallon OK, it sounds as if you know the value of fuel in oil btu per pound.Now find out how much a gallon of fuel oil weighs and multiply the btu value x that weight in pounds and that is the value per gallon. Or simply, diesel fuel is #2 fuel oil which contains 140,000 btu per gallon.

Back when I was driving transport trucks, we calculated diesel weight at 8lbs per gallon. Assuming gasoline is pretty close to diesel in weight, 15 gallons should be ~120lbs.

The miles per gallon rating for a diesel powered Humvee is 10 miles per gallon city and 15mpg highway. The combined average miles per gallon for the gas guzzler is 12.5 miles per gallon.

Weight per gallon of one gallon asphalt

Depends on the API gravity. During the summer, diesel will weigh between 6.951 (API 38) and 7.076 (API 35) pounds per gallon.

18.4 cents per gallon for gas; 24.4 cents per gallon for diesel.

Weight of 25% sulfuric acid per gallon

pounds is a measurement of weight. gallon is a measurement of volume

140,000 btu/gallon, nominal

d2 diesel price per gallon

It depends on where you live. Right now the average diesel price is $2.79 a gallon, but it could be as low as $2.50 per gallon or as high as $3.10 per gallon depending on your state.

Each gallon of Diesel Fuel makes 22.2 pounds of CO2

The average miles per gallon for a 24 Ford diesel box truck is 11 miles per gallon. The miles per gallon is dependent upon the driving conditions and the driver.

Based on Type 2 diesel fuel, one Imperail gallon of fuel will weight 8.93 lbs

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