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What is well mannered?

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Well-mannered is a correct behavior in your social interactions.

Never be rude to anyone.Be courteous and polite.

If you were rude out of a bad situation, better apologize immediately.

In case someone is hurt by your short temper, you can ask for their forgiveness.

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How do you describe a polite person?

well mannered.

Two word adjectives?

anonymous: when it comes to using either the present or past participle in two words djective: example: well-mannered well-built well-mannered

Importance of good manners in life?

If you are well-mannered, people will respect you. If you are ill-mannered, they will treat you as a child. Simple as that.

What is another word for excessively polite?


What is the meaning of well mannered person?

A person who is polite.

Who is Justin albertson?

A Well mannered well dressed GQ Looking Gangsta!?

What does genteel servants mean?

The word genteel means well mannered or pretentious. In the term "genteel servants", this would mean someone that serves another in a well mannered way.

Is Justin bieber really a brat?

No he seems well mannered.

What was Margot Franks actions?

quiet, polite, well-mannered

What is another word for courteous?

Some synonyms are: well-behaved, well-mannered, polite, civilized.

What is the synonym of the word elite?

elegant, well dressed, well mannered, polite, skilled in social situations

A word for a guy who is well mannered with women?

He is gentlemen,but it can be fooled so be carefull

What is someone who is urbane?

Poised. Generally well-mannered and reserved could be a description.

Can you put corpulent in a sentence?

The postal director was a corpulent, but well mannered fellow.

What does tayyiba mean?

Arabic name meaning; Pleasant and well-mannered, or agreeable.

What skills did knights have?

They had to be noble and well mannered. They also had to be good at horsemanship and swordsmanship.

Naziah what does the name mean?

It means the person is not well-mannered and doesn't have ideas...

What are the adaptations of a blood hound?

they are good hunters they think their in charge and are well mannered

Do all guys ask girls if the seat is taken?

No, some are not that well mannered

What is the synonym of bad-mannered?

Rude, untrained, impertinent, presumptuous are all synonyms of bad-mannered

What is the best mannered dog breed?

training and age has more to do with dog manners than breed. And as such, dogs that are easy to train often become more well-mannered - if they are trained.

What are some personality traits of Margot Frank?

Margot was studious, well-mannered and reserved.

What part of speech is the word polite?

The word polite is an adjective. It means to be well-mannered.

Opposite verb for rude?

polite or well-mannered, i guess..any other suggestions?

What breed of dogs does the Queen have?

well it would have to be an English blood hound or any other safisticated,well mannered dog

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