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Mud. :)

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Do worms like dry or wet dirt?

the worm likes both wet and dry dirt but it will perfer the wet dirt.

Do desert turtles live in dry or wet dirt?

they live in wet dirt so they can keep cool.

How do you make dirt wet in Minecraft?

You put the dirt in the water, then you make a hoe and use it on the dirt

Another word for mud?

wet dirt

Why do worms always have wet skin?

worms have wet skin for it can be easy to move around in the dirt.

Where do dirt bikers bike?

In the dirt... Usually mounds or smaller piles of soil in order to do tricks. For more of a challenge, wet dirt, mud, is popular for dirt bikers.

Do slugs like dirt?

Slugs should like it because it has minerals in it . Tip: Wet dirt is the best

Do grasshopers need wet dirt to lay eggs?

I think they do.

What is another name for a wet deep sand deposit?


Where would you find worms in your garden?

in wet, moist dirt

Is dried mud a rock?

maybe because it is wet dirt and dirt is made up of little pieces of rock

Does sand weigh more when it is wet or dry?

Sand, dirt, and other dry things weigh more if it is wet.

How does fast does wet dirt dry?

It usually takes about 30 minutes

What does wet washing mean?

Washing using water as a solvent for the dirt.

How many yards of dirt equal one ton of dirt?

1 yard of dirt = 1.45 tons of dirt The above is a function guideline, but it really depends on the type of dirt in question, and how wet that dirt is. For baseball dirt I like to use 1 yard = 1.3 tons

What does caked on dirt mean?

The phrase "caked on dirt" usually means that wet dirt has gotten on an object or person and dried and it is now caked on and cracking. Essentially, if something has caked on dirt, it is very dirty!

What was the Tequesta tribes huts made of?

they made them out of sticks and wet dirt and mud...

What did Aztec homes look like?

Aztec homes were made of clay. They took wet dirt made it into the shape of a home and baked the dirt.

How do you prepare a baseball field?

Mow the grass, rake the dirt, chalk the foul lines and batter's box, and wet down the infield dirt.

What happens to rocks in flowing water?

it get wet then breaks apart when get transported inside the dirt

What is a hinky pinky for a good friend who just fell in wet dirt?

muddy buddy

How do you say mud in Italian?

"Mud" as in the wet dirt kind is "Fango". "Mud" as in slander is "Accuse".

Can you use a dirt bike on the pavement?

Yes but the nobbly tyres don't grip on tarmac in the wet.

Can ostriches really stick their heads underground?

They sometimes can, because if the dirt is really hard they might be able to peck their strong beaks on the ground. Also they can if the dirt is soft and wet.

How do you clean dirt off a mattress?

Use a semi wet cloth and wipe it, you can use a vacuum too.