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What is white supremacy?

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White Supremacy is the belief that whites are Superior to blacks or any other race.And those who are or believe in white supremacy are often called racist

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2020-10-10 16:29:55

The idea that the white race is superior to other races (apex)ย 

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How can you use white supremacy in a sentence?

White supremacy is a myth.

According to Mandela white supremacy in South Africa has caused for black South Africans?

all the above white supremacy apex

The idea that the white race is superior to other races is called?

white supremacy

What is the term for the idea that the white race is superior to other races?

White Supremacy

What idea that the white race is superior to other races is called?

White Supremacy.

What do most of the KKK people believe in?

White supremacy

What was the ku klux klans goal?

White supremacy.

What If The Civil Rights Movement Never Took Place?

Then, there will be no reason to march and protest and the African-american will still be mistreated and hated by the south. there will be still overt white supremacy. the civil right movement defeated overt white supremacy,but not covert white supremacy. police brutality is still here today.

What is the core belief of the Ku Klux Klan?

White supremacy

What do lightning bolts tattoos mean?

They are signs of white supremacy

What Does the present KKK preach?

Racism. White supremacy. Hate.

What did the kkk represent?

The KKK largely represented white supremacy.

How do you spell white supremacist in the German language?

der Kriminelle--white supremacy is ILLEGAL in Germany!

What was the primary purpose of the white league established in Louisiana?

white supremacy and democratic party control

Aims of the KKK?

The major aim of the KKK was to maintain white supremacy.

What were the goals of the Klu Klux Klan?

To return the country to white supremacy.

What motivated the KKK use the fear and violence?

to keep white supremacy

What is the connection between Colonization the Enlightenment and White Supremacy?

No connection. A white suprematist is not enlightened in any form.

How can you use the word supremacy in a sentence?

The rise of white supremacy during the post Civil War era did not level off until the late 1950's.

What are the beliefs of the ku klux klan?

The major belief of the KKK was that of white supremacy.

What happened as a result of Wilson's mobilization of the home front in the war?

White Supremacy

Why was the KKK set up?

They were made in order to restore "White Supremacy" in America.

Why did the KKK try to keep blacks from voting?

The KKK believed in white supremacy.

What was the purpose and impact of the black codes?

to solidify and institutionalize the practice of white supremacy.

Does the United Daughters of the Confederacy promote white supremacy?

They're bound to, in some degree, because the Confederacy was all about white supremacy. However, they have admitted some black women who can prove that they're descended from people who were loyal to the cause.

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