What is wireless networking?

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Wireless networking allows you to connect several computers in your home without using hard wiring. This is especially useful in providing internet and email capability to each computer. You will need an internet service provider such as your cable or telephone company, a cable or DSL modem to receive and transmit to the internet, one wireless router and wireless cards for each computer. The wireless cards are not difficult to install, but it would be best to ask a knowledgeable friend or co-worker to help you. Visit your local Fry's Electronics, BestBuy, Staples, OfficeMax, CompUSA or similar retailer and ask for wireless network assistance. You should be able to create your own wireless network for about $100 depending upon how many computers you are linking.
Wireless wide area networks are wireless networks that typically cover large outdoor areas. These networks can be used to connect branch offices of business or as a public internet access system. They are usually deployed on the 2.4 Ghz band. A typical system is as per the one deployed by Gaiacom Wireless Networks contains base station gateways, access points and wireless bridging relays. Other configurations are mesh systems where each access point acts as a relay also. When combined with renewable energy systems such as photo-voltaic solar panels or wind systems they can be stand alone systems.
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Q: What is wireless networking?
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