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What is world map?

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A world map would be a map (or chart) that displays all of the continents, complete with longitude and lattiude markings, equators and depending on the type of map, cities, states and countries.

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What is a weld map look like?

There is no such thing as a weld map. However a world map is a map that shows all the continents, oceans, cities and countries in the world. The world map is used in teaching, and you will also find the world map on a globe that spins.

Is a globe and a world map the same?

no, because a world map could be a flat map and a globe cannot be a flat map.

Do you have a world map?

sure there's a world map they are all kind of different map like school map your room map and last of all a world map is like a map of every country`s city`s and state`s and were tiny for more infomation a globe is a world map

What is the biggest map in the world?

the world map

What is a world map climate map shows information about?

a world climate map shows imformation about what

Were is the world located on a map?

Any map is the world, whether it be a part of it or the entire world.

Who ivented the world map?

a map of the world is a map that shows every country and every piece of land and its what i have

Where can you find a world map?

Go to and type in world map.

Where on the map of the world is magnesium found?

Magnesium is not found on the world map.

What is a world region map?

A map that shows a certain region of the world.

How many pages does A Map of the World have?

A Map of the World has 390 pages.

Where is Ghana in the world map?

I would recommend looking at a world map.

What is a preview map?

it is a map the you preview the world

What is a world language map?

A map that shows what languages are spoken throughout the world.

Map of world?

a map of world is that in which all the countries are shown on a flat surface

What map would you use to find time zones in the world?

world map

World map continent?

A map of the world with the continents is included in the link below.

What type of map is the war of 1812?

World map, elevation,political map,historical map

Is the world map large or small scale?

The world map is small scale. If it were large scale then the map would be huge, nearing the size of the actual world.

why. arrange these events of cartography in the order in which they occurred; ibn Idrisi's world map, piri reis' map, dynamic internet maps, ptomy's world map?

ptomy's map ibn idrisi's map piri reis' map dynamic internet maps

Do you have a picture of a map of the whole world?

No. If I had a map of the world, I wouldn't need a picture of one.

In assassins creed 2 is the codex wall a map of the world or Venice?

A map of the world.

What is the largest intact medieval wall map in the world?

which is the largest wall map in the world

What is the prime meridian of a map?

its a line that separates the the world in the world on a map or globe too

How do you draw a map of china?

copy the world map!