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Check to make certain that it's wired correctly. Some starters can be wired wrong and cause that problem, probably not a Ford though. If that's not it, check the alignment between the starter and flywheel and make certain that it's the right flywheel and starter and that the new bendix works right. Otherwise, you're on your own on that one. It's a mystery if none of the above fixes it. If it is just spinning and not turning the engine, not even once, then the problem is either a bad started, the flywheel was used and the teeth are chewed too far down. the way it works is you hit the key, the started drive kicks inside the bellhousing a little bit so the drive head on the starter connects with the teeth on the flywheel and spins the flywheel which in turn rotates the engine. If it is not touching the engine at all, then I would make sure you got the right parts and that they were good parts, specially if you got a starter from a junkyard, or one from a parts store that said it was rebuilt as they have a bad record with rebuilding those and alternators.

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Q: What is worng when you have replaced the stared the flywheel and the solenoid and it still just spin over 1986 Ford ranger XL?
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