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If global cooling means the gradual cooling into an Ice Age, then that has happened in the past and it has taken thousands of years to happen.

The present global warming has all happened far faster, in less than 200 years, and is threatening all life on the planet if we can't stop it.

Global warming is by far the more dangerous situation.

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Q: What is worst global warming or global cooling and why?
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How does global warming cause global cooling?

Global warming does not cause global cooling. Both global warming and cooling are the results of changes in the amount of the sun's energy retained by the planet. One does not cause another.

Where is global warming happening the worst?

Global Warming is happening the worst in the Arctic. All the ice is melting, global warming needs to be stopped.

What is the reverse change of global warming global Cooling or Global Freezing?

It would be global cooling.

Difference between global warming and global cooling?

well first of all global warming is what warms the earth and global cooling is what cools the earth

What is the opposite of global warming?

The opposite would be global cooling.

When did global warming a its worst take place?


What is the difference between global warming and global cooling?

Global warming is when the global average annual temperature is generally trending upward. Global cooling is when it is trending downward.A:Global warming is happening now. Global warming is not beyond the control of mankind. It is being caused by our dependence on fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) which we are burning to produce electricity.

What are the worst fears of scientists who write about global warming?

There are many fears of scientists who write about global warming. Ozone depletion, floods, warming etc are some of them.

What is one of the worst causes of global warming?

The worst cause of global warming is burning coal which increases carbon dioxide concentration in the air which in turn results in an increase in water vapor.

Would polar bears in Mexico be evidence for global warming?

No, that would probably be evidence for global cooling.

How will Earth be in 2020?

If Global Warming and Global Cooling can be balanced correctly then the Earth should be a better place

From a global point of view is the Earth really warming up or is it cooling down?

Global point of view if taken into concentration. The earth is warming up.

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