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well 14k is 14000 and 10k is 10000 so unless this is a riddle its 14k


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No. 14K has more actual gold content.

I don't know what you mean by, "better", but 10K has less gold in it than 14K does. By the way, 24K gold is more or less pure gold.

In terms of monetary value, 24K is worth more than 10K. But this isn't always desired, as 24K is more delicate than less pure gold (10K, 14K, 16K, 18K, etc.).

10k gold = 41.67% gold 14k gold = 58.33% gold So 14k is the higher grade.

its about 18 per gram for 14k and about 12 per gram for 10k

24k is worth more that 14k.

There is a larger percentage of gold in a 14K piece of jewelry than a 10K piece.

24K gold is pure gold. Pure gold is very soft, and can bend or scratch easily. So they mix it with other metals to make it harder and more durable. Higher amounts of other metals lowers the karate value. So 14K gold has more gold than 10K gold. 14K gold is also softer than 10K gold, but harder than pure gold.

It depends as most 14k gold will have a deeper or richer gold color to it. 10k tends to be a little brassier but again, it all depends on what alloys are used in the pieces. I prefer 14k when it comes to my chains as I like the deeper rich tone to it and it's worth a bit more than 10k. It's all just a preference really and if the 10k shines more than the 14k it's just because it has more alloys and the mixture of them is making it do that. If you're thinking in terms of which to buy for your precious gem/gem's I would always choose 14k. I prefer to not have too much of that brassy shiny look and more of the richer tone. :):)

The ring may be worth something to somebody, but it holds no gold value. the "10-14K" marking means 10K to 14K gold. The "HGE" marking mean "Heavy Gold Electroplate". So, altogether, the entire marking means the ring is plated with an alloy that is at least 10K, but no more than 14K, gold.Visit the link below to learn more about gold markings and silver markings.

22k has a higher grade then a 14k so therefor 22k is worth more

Yes, the higher the Karat the more golden it gets

No it is not. 14k gold is 58.5 % pure so that 417 or 41.7 is equivalent to 10k gold

Gold purity in jewelry is represented by how much -- on a scale of 24K being pure gold -- of the metal is gold. A 10K gold 'batch' will always be a 10K gold batch -- only 10/24ths of the batch is gold, whether solid or melted. And the same is true of a 14K gold 'batch'. In order to 'upgrade' 10K yellow gold metal to 14K yellow gold metal, the 10K metal must be melted, separated from whatever other metal is in the 'batch', then added to less other metal in order for the same gold to be 'upgraded' to 14K. Another option is to replace the 10K setting with a 14K setting.

2 kg is 2000 grams , depending on 14k , 10k , or whatever , about 17.00 per gram for 10k , 27.00 for 14k . potentially up to 50,000.00 + us dollars.

how much is 9.90 14k gold worth?

Current price of gold is $1122 22 grams of 10K Gold is worth $331 Go to the site at the Related Links section below - this will calculate the current value of any gold 10k 14k 18k 22k and so on.

10k gold is stronger than 14k as it has more alloys and less pure gold. However, the value decreases as well as 14k has more gold and is worth more. In terms of strength, 10k has a bit more than 14k but the difference is not that much. You can still safely wear your pendants/charms on a 14k chain and it's not going to break any easier than a 10k chain. Just keep your chains clean and be sure to only dip them in cleaner for about 15 seconds, immediately drop them into a dish with clean water and then wipe off. Jewellery cleaner will eat away at your gold if you dip it too long and don't rinse it off with water right after to stop the solution. Honestly, I wear both 10k and 14k and keep them clean and I can't tell the difference between strengths as far as wear ability goes. Only thing I find is that my 14k gold chains are a darker yellow than my 10k so it just depends if you want to wear something with a little more shine or a little less. Both are good qualities and I wouldn't go any higher in the K or else it gets even softer.

How much is 24 grams of 14k gold worth?

the 14k means 14 carats of silver. but i do notno what THL means.sorry it does not mean 14k of silver! 14k WHITE GOLD ...worth more then silver....14k white gold is silver in color...but it is GOLD metal

14k is pure gold 10k is other metals, like copper

it means it covered up with a thin layer of 14k gold, kinda like gold plating... its fake pretty much more like a scam

14k Gold is some of the most valuable metal in the world. Currently, just one ounce of 14k gold is worth $734 in the United States.

14k gold is a higher grade. The 14k means that it contains 14/24 parts gold, while the 10k contains only 10/24 parts gold. Lots of info about gold at link below.

If your ring has 14k, 10k, or 18k with the initials it is gold. GF with a number like 14k is gold filled and not worth as much. No value given in gold or silver it is costume.