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try a bottle of fuel injector cleaner (it'll work on carberators too) Quite possible that a fuel pressure regulator is out of range, and/or a broken wire at the oxygen sensor. Bad MAF sensor- Get one NOW !

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โˆ™ 2008-12-11 00:46:35
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Q: What is wrong if a '86 Ford Ranger starts with no problem but idles with a slight surge when you give it gas it stalls but can be restarted every time?
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Your Oldsmobile delta stalls in warm weather?

you have a sensor problem.

What could be the problem with a car if it stalls when the gas is not pushed?

Headgasket is possible.

Mercury Mystique coughing?

If car is coughing and stalls out until you drive whats the problem.

Why your car stalls when you turn the AC on?

The idle is set too low or there is an electrical problem

Your 1994 ford ranger stalls while driving you have replaced the fuel filter and spark plugs?

yes and no did not changed fuel filter

Why Car engine stalls when turning?

If a car engine stalls when turning, there could be a problem with the power steering pump. There could also be an issue with an emissions control device.

What could be the problem when engine starts and runs when given gas but stalls at idle?

vacuum leak?

2004 ranger 3 liter engine stalls out at times and takes awhile to restart has no fuel pressure when stalls out replaced fuel pump and pump relay still stalls out when hot and wont restart?

Replace the fuel pump. I had an S-10 that acted similarly - turned out it needed new spark plugs and wires.

Why does the oil light come on when your car stalls?

The light comes on when the car stalls because the engine is not running and the pump therefore is not pumping. The pressure will always be 0 when the engine stalls and the light is directly related to pressure. This is normal, you have no problem, other than the engine stalling.

2000 impala 3.4 stalls at low speeds?

I had a problem with stalling with a 2000 Impala, and it was the oxygen sensor.

Car stalls when it reaches normal operating temp I didn't have a problem until I ran out of gas recently?

If your car stalls when it reaches normal operating temperature, you might have a problem with your distributor coil. You could also have an issue with the fuel filter since you ran out of gas recently.

What is the collective noun for stalls?

There is no specific collective noun for stalls, in which case a collective noun suitable for the circumstances is used, for example a row of stalls, a group of stalls, a bank of stalls.

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