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What is wrong if a 1989 Cavalier 4-cylinder shuts off after it gets warm and will not start until a few hours later?


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2012-02-07 11:15:36
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The ignition module is bolted to the back of the block..if it is original it is most likely fried.I had this issue exactly.The part is about $100,and it's really tough to get to.My car has run fine since I replaced mine.I doubt an 89 Cavalier has a factory anti theft system.Eventually it WILL NOT start,trust me.

AnswerThis could be a couple of problems. The two that come to mind are: 1- Your anti theft is playing with you. Have you changed anything prior to this happening. 2- its over heating and your check engine light is malfunctioning.

There are other possibilities. But these are the top tow


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