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i got the same problem.i turn the key a little then put the shifter into neutral.cant change gears from park.also it keeps popping the fuse.looking for an answer to that then maybe i can get it fixed.The ABS light has nothing to do with the shifting...just a (coincidence)[<--spelling].. anyway, try letting out on the clutch just a little bit as you shift into gear. as for the ABS light... That is your speed sensor located on the top of the gear box on the rear axle... change it, it will make the light go off...... I had a similar problem with an automatic trans, the abs light came on the next time I started the truck and my shifter would not move out of park. I found out you have to put the key in pull the shifter in and start the engine and then move shifter, while still pulled in,into drive you can still drive the vehicle but still wont shift if you don't pull it in before you start it. I now can drive the truck but have not resolved the shifter problem and abs light flashes now when engine is started and did not before this problem began.
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Q: What is wrong if a 1997 Ford F150 4.6 ABS light came on and now it will not shift into gear?
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