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i got the same problem.i turn the key a little then put the shifter into neutral.cant change gears from park.also it keeps popping the fuse.looking for an answer to that then maybe i can get it fixed.The ABS light has nothing to do with the shifting...just a (coincidence)[<--spelling].. anyway, try letting out on the clutch just a little bit as you shift into gear. as for the ABS light... That is your speed sensor located on the top of the gear box on the rear axle... change it, it will make the light go off...... I had a similar problem with an automatic trans, the abs light came on the next time I started the truck and my shifter would not move out of park. I found out you have to put the key in pull the shifter in and start the engine and then move shifter, while still pulled in,into drive you can still drive the vehicle but still wont shift if you don't pull it in before you start it. I now can drive the truck but have not resolved the shifter problem and abs light flashes now when engine is started and did not before this problem began.
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Q: What is wrong if a 1997 Ford F150 4.6 ABS light came on and now it will not shift into gear?
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Bring to a shop that has an ABS scanner to determine the problem

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What is a BSI in a 2004 F150?

Brake - Shift Interlock

1986 f150 302 emissom light on?

1986 f150 emisson light on is their restn set

The engine light on your 1997 ford f150 is on Everything seems to be running fine on the truck and you can not figure out why the light is on?

disconnect the battery for a few minutes, reconnect and start it. if there is no problem, the light will stay off

What does it mean when the check engine light comes on in a 1997 Ford F150 and how can you turn it off?

you can only check it and clearit with an OBDII diagnostic scaner

On a 1997 F150 what would cause the airbag light to go on along with a code buzz and then eventually a load long ringing noise?

The computer

Fuel pressure pump f150 v6 4.2l?

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What would cause the engine check light to flash on a 1997 ford f150?

If the check engine light is flashing at 1 second intervals , an engine cylinder misfire has been detected

Will 1997 ford f150 doors fit on 2001 expedition?

No, a 1997 Ford F150 doors will not fit on a 2001 Expedition. You will need to get a door that is made specifically for the Expedition.

What causes the battery not to hold a charge on a 1997 F150?

Defective battery or something is pulling power from the battery. Check the glove box light, interior lights, trunk light, hood light, brake lights, etc.

Where is the blend door actuator on your 1997 F150?

How do I locate the heater blend door actuator in a Ford f150 pickup

How do you fix a backdoor on a 1997 F-150?

you dont, there is no back door on a 1997 F150.

What could be wrong if the battery light is on and the 1999 ford F150 still runs and starts up?

check your battery cables. could be old or just loose.

Where is the fuel pump in a 1997 f150.?

Inside the fuel tank

1997 F150 where is headlight relay location?

Under the hood.

Where is the airbag module located on a 1997 Ford f150?

The airbag module for the 1997 Ford F150 is located in the passenger side kick panel below the dash. It is silver and black in coloring.

How do you change the blinkers bulbs in your 1997 Ford Taurus?

blinker blubs on a 1997 f150 front blubs

How do you replace the taillight on a 1997 Ford F150?

to replace tail light, you need to lower the tailgate&gt; On the side of the bed that is covered by the closed tail gate are a couple of screws.Remove these screws and the tail light assembly can be removed.

97 f150 stuck in park?

You can view the 1997 Ford F-150 owners manual online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides ( starting on page 98 , there is an explanation of the Brake Shift Interlock and what to do if you can't shift out of PARK with the brake pedal depressed )

Ford F150 shift lever is stuck in park and will not move.?

Check all the linkage from the transmission.

How do you remove a stick shift for a f150 4 speed transmission?

what are you wanting to take the transmission out completely or what?

What are all the dash warning light on a ford f150?

The dash warning lights all mean different things on a Ford F150. This can include a check engine light, or a low oil light.

What is the spark plug gap for a 1997 f150 4.6L?

.054 inch