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What is wrong if a 1997 town and country Chrysler will crank but then turns off?


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January 10, 2013 12:19PM

you either need a new fuel pump or the fuel filter is clogged, you need to drop the gas tank to check this, they are both located above the tank. i'd say to replace the filter first because if that's the problem why spend 160.00 on a new pump. it just happened to my van yesterday, and it was my fuel pump that was bad so since i wasn't lucky maybe you will be

Before you spend any money . try this, my 1997 T&C and my 2000 T&C both had a similar problem and would not start and keep running. I bought a fuel pump too, but my brother suggested to reset the computer . disconnect the battery for a couple of min. then re-anchor . I did it and it fixed both cars . no cost involved! Returned the fuel pump for a full refund saved $220. Good LUCK!