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What is wrong if a 1998 Ford Escort ZX2 surges when the AC or heat is on and also seems to overheat and stall very fast on the highway?


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Your surging is probably caused by your A/C charged too high. Use your key to relieve SOME of the pressure at the valve under the hood (it looks like a tire valve). A little green liquid might be released too, so don't stand directly in front of it. Keep letting out a little at a time until it stops.

TheBobsHere says,

If your car overheats after slowing from highway speeds you may need a new radiator or cooling fan. The surging could also be caused by a bad or reversed cooling fan, or air in the cooling system (just because the reservoir is full doesn't mean the system doesn't have air in it).

Never remove refrigerant unless you know it's overfilled, plus it's illegal to vent refrigerant to the atmosphere.


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car surges at stop signs, when i put it in neutral it levels off then put it back in gear it seems to be ok

My 94 escort was doing the same thing. I replaced the throttle valve assembly and that seems to have done the trick. Hopefully that helps you out.

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If your fan clutch is working properly and your thermostat is good then it should not overheat.

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The first thing that i would check is the t.p.s which is the throttle position sensor, if it is sticking, or shorting out, it may cause the problem you stated.

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most common is lack of frion or other refrigerent .next the motor is siezed(try hitting with blunt object),this seems to work more than it should.

It seems pretty soon for a starter to need replacement but remove the neg battery cable then the pos at the aatarter. Then the mounting bolts and work it out.

My 1999 runs about 205 or 210 on the highway and 135 in heavy/slow traffic. seems too hot to me.

Probably same problem I am having. Seems to be either the fuel pump or fuel filter. I am changing the fuel filter first, because they are cheaper.

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We have the same issue with our 1999 wangler. It happens on the highway and can get pretty hairy at times. The suppension seems tight and has passed inspection. Let me know if you find out anything.

Replace Your Water Tempeture Sensor It runs your fuel mixture that should take care of it.

Get your accelerator pedal checked, I had surging problems for 6 months and Ford could not find the problem, they finally replaced the accelerator pedal and the problem went away. The throttle positioning sensor seems to wear out in the spot that it is used most around 1800 RPM

Type your answer here... I average 22-25 in the city. On the highway, 33-34. After 180,000+ miles, MPG seems to be dropping a little.

Your problem lies in not having a thermostat installed. Without a thermostat, the engine takes longer to reach normal operating temperature. Hence, why it runs sluggish for the first half mile or so.

Check if the thermostat is working properly. See if the top of the radiator is very hot when the motor starts to overheat, if it isn't hot then chuck out the thermostat or better still replace it.

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