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What is wrong if a 95 Lincoln Town Car wiper blades stop in the 12 0'clock position when turned off?

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More than likely it's a dead spot in the wiper motor. With the car running in park and the wipers on and just pull them carefully and see if they continue down.

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How do you get the wiper blades to go down all the way in your 1995 Lincoln mark VIII?

If you mean when turned off they don't go all the way down, you have to release the cllip that holds it on and pull it off the spline and re-position where you want it and push down until it clicks.

Why do wiper blades not go when turned on?

check the fuse or maybe they have popped off the linkages

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Why do the wipers stay up during an intermittent cycle?

The "park" signal on the wiper motor is off. The wipers should stay off their cradles about an inch or so. If the ignition key is turned off during an intermittent wipe, the blades may stay at some position on the windshield. They'll return as soon as the next cycle comes up after the ignition is turned on. If they do not behave this way, you likely have a bad wiper motor assembly, which has the control circuit that parks the blades.

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1999 Lincoln town car air suspention system pump stay on when the car is turned off and level?

As a temporary fix turn key to the "on" position after shutting car off than back to "off" to remove key

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