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Your little hamster sounds very sick. Take it to a veterinarian right away! Even if you don't have money you take that hamster right into the vet. If he/she is a good vet they should be more interested in the welfare of the hamster. You can always offer to sweep floors or clean out cages or even walk some of the dogs that they may have staying there. Get your hamster to a vet now! Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-04-25 19:44:45
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Q: What is wrong if a two or three-year-old hamster is refusing water and food and cannot walk on his hind legs?
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Is it better to have a bowl of water or a water bottle for a hamster?

Definitely a bottle of water. Specific hamster bottles have a little ball inside and when the hamster licks it the water comes out. This means that a hamster can have the water when he wants. A bowl of water is likely to get spilled and can also be quite dangerous for the hamster.

Can water kill a hamster?

Yes. If the water is deep enough it could drown. Hamsters don't like to get wet so I would advise anyone who has a hamster or is planning to get a hamster is not to give any type of hamster water in a dish.You should give it water in a hamster water bottle thingy.

Can a hamster drink water from the faucet?

yes, my hamster does.

What water should a hamster drink?

A hamster should drink tap water or mineral water. Hope I helped!

Does hamster like playing water?

No, you need to be very careful about that. Water can easily drown a hamster.

If the hamster is smelly how do you clean him?

take a cloth and soak it in luke-warm water then ring it out and gently wipe your hamster. do not bath your hamster as they have a fear of water.

Does a hamster really need a water bottle?

There are alternative products to water bottles, but if water is not provided, the hamster will die of dehydration.

How long can a Syrian hamster go without water?

ekk! always leave water in the cage for your hamster. if your hamster cant drink water for about a day and a half its going 2 b dehydrated. your hamster would most likely die.

Can hamster swim under water?

no way it'll die never put a hamster under water

Why do short haired hamster drink a lot of water?

All hamster drink a lot of water its natural!!

Would a hamster die if it doesnt drink water?

If a hamster had no water intake, then of course it would die. However, a hamster has an efficient excretory system, and it might be that a hamster who seems to be ignoring its water bottle, is getting all the necessary water from watery foods like lettuce, and apple.

Can i be fired for refusing to drive an unsafe water truck?

no you will not

What can you do if your hamster is cold?

Mainly your hamster has a cold is of not enough warmth.Mainly because people put the cages by the window in the winter so air moves to the warm animal.What to do:Move your hamster away from the window or into another roomTake a hot towel or a heating pad (low setting) and put it under the cage, not to hot to melt it.You can put a drop or two of honey in it's water.If your hamster is running on it's wheel, take the wheel out so it can rest.If yout hamster is in it's hut (which you should always have) leave it alone (except for cleaning time)And when cleaning, you can put them in a glass bowl with shaving and it's hut with the heating pad under (low setting so you cannot burn the hamster)With refusing food, try to get it's favorite treats.If they are not drinking water, you can use the tube that you can dispense into a mouth. You can get them at drug stores or pharmecies, or at the pet store. Be sure to get the smallest.Fill th dispeser with water and see if you hamster will walk up to it. Squeeze out a drop or two so they can see what it is.If they refuse it, put honey and milk with the water.Hope these tips help!

Can hamster hot or cold water?

Never put your hamster in water! If you're talking about drinking water it may prefer warm or cold.

Why isn't your hamster drinking from its water?

Your hamster is probably sick, take it to a vet.

Will hamster get sick if touch water?

If it touches water, no.

What happens if you drop your hamster in water?

it will die, but only if you dont try to take it out of the water a fast as you can. but TRY NOT to drop your hamster. :(

How can you train your hamster to drink from his water bottle?

They don't need training. Water has a smell (surprisingly!) and your hamster will sense that there is water and automatically drink from his bottle.

How hot should the water be to wash a hamster?

Don't wash you hamster. The only way to wash your hamster is to take a damp towel that is room temperature and wipe it on hamster.

What can a dwarf hamster drink?


What can you use to bathe your hamster?


What do you do after you drop a hamster in water?

Keep it there.

How long can a dwarf hamster last without water?

I think a hamster can live 8 hours or 2 days without water.

What is water the container in a hamster cage called?

Water Bottle?

What hamster is the easiest to hold?

Any hamster is easy to hold but is depends on how you treat it but if you want to hold a hamster you need to check its water and food and of course the hamster SO ALWAYS REMEMBER TO TREAT YOUR HAMSTER WITH RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!