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It is quite possible you have a UTI (urinary tract infection). A course of antibiotics would cure you in a week. Visit your doctor.

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Why is this question wrong?

cause it feels like it Because answers are wrong, while questions are incorrect.

How does uranium feel like?

It feels like super heated lead. Uranium actually comes in these little pebbles the put in rods. Don't touch it it may cause cancer.

What does this light on your Renault clio dash mean it looks like a curly spring when it comes on my car feels like it is pulling backwards like its in he wrong gear?

Is this a diesel? Usually a curly spring means that your glow plugs are on.

What does the colour blue feels like?

It sounds like the sea with a little boat on it!

When you swallow and it feels like your throat is swollen what is probably wrong?

sore throat

If your a constipated girl what does if feel like for a guy to help you go poop or pee?

It feels like... 'wrong'.

What is wrong if it feels like stick pins sticking you in your heart?

It means you're dying

In the left side of your head above your temple it feels very tight and is a little sore it also feels like there is a little bit of pressure what could it be?

i think that maybe you shoud consider consulting your doctor and dont listen to people on wiki because if they're wrong and you listen to them you could end up with alot of problems

Why does boyka always comes into your room and kicks my face?

Probably cause he feels like it

What to do when a man feels like a woman?

if a man feels like he is a woman inside and has the wrong body he should either consult a therapist to help him with the situation and consider trans gender options

My throat feels bruised and like when i burp it hurts at the bottom what's wrong with my throat?

You dying

What does linen feel like?

Linen feels like quite smooth and a little rough round the edges.

What can cause a rash that comes and goes and is itchy and feels like sandpaper?

you mean a yeast infection?

It feels like you have to go to the bathroom and nothing comes out but when it does it burns?

you might have a sexually transmitted disease

If your hamster has a spot on his nose and feels lighter does she have something wrong with her?

It sounds like she may have something wrong with her. I would take her to the vets just in case.

What do the little stars mean in the book New Moon?

The little stars are tiny distractions in Edward's life, but when Bella comes she's like a comet, and suddenly his life is interesting. Bella feels the same way, but Edward doesn't know that when he tells her.

My hicas light on my r33 gtst skyline comes on every time you turn the car off and back on and it feels like a have no power steering wen it is on what's wrong there?

Top up you power steering fluid in the reservoir

1997 Ford Aspire It Idols fine but when you put it in gear after driving a little it starts to sputter and feels like it may stall out?

my 97 aspire did this had it checked out and all tha was wrong was my timing was off and had to be adjusted

What was winston's marriage like in George Orwell 1984?

Winston feels very little affection for his wife. He unashamedly starts a very sexual relationship with Julia which shows that he cares little about his prior relationship. Winston also feels that his wife feels very little for him and instead lives to serve the Party.

What is wrong with your car when you it stopped and it acts like it's going to die or maybe it feels like it jumps?

replace the throttle position center

What does cubesent mean?

Angry, mad, cranky, often feels like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed

Does it hurt to get ears peirced?

it feels like a little quick sting then before you know it its done

How does a busted eardrum feel?

it hurts a littleit feels like your ear is swollen but its notyou can hardly hear our of it

Engine light comes on when I go 30 to 40 miles and feels like car is grinding in gears and feels like my car is going to stop I drive a dodge neon?

tried changing you engine oil?

Who Is Neosabin?

A Neosabin is like a human being (homosapian) But a little but WRONG !!!