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The fan relay is going had about 8 wires on is fairly easy to change and costs about 15 to 20 dollars ...contractor cost...15 min to put in..

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Q: What is wrong if the air will not blow out at times when the heat or AC is on and you can't even turn the thermostat to the on position and get it to work then it will come on the next time you use it?
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Why would a 1998 Chrysler town and country heater blow cold?

You might check the thermostat. It probably needs replaced. Often times the thermostat will either be stuck in the closed position, causing it to overheat, or in the wide open position causing the heater to blow cold. This is what happened to me. I took the thermostat out and the end was broken off. This made the spring release and be stuck in the wide open position. We were driving over a snowy pass at around 10 pm. NOT a fun trip.

Why does the heater on your 1999 Dodge Ram pu blow coolcold at idle then warm up when the RPM's increase?

Thermostat stuck in the open position. Replace the thermostat.

Your coolant is full in your 2000 Alero and your heater continues to blow cold air out your thermostat is above the half way mark when the heater sometimes works what is wrong?

Probably your thermostat

Can a bad thermostat make ac blow hot air?

No. The thermostat is not likely to be the cause.

When you blow your trumpet no sound comes out What is wrong?

Most likely that a valve is installed backwards, or two (or all three) valves are in the wrong position or you are not vibrating your lips in the correct manner

My heater will blow but not hot ive replaced the thermostat?

Check into the temperature control valve--this is different than the thermostat.

Your 1997 SC1 Saturn heater works but does not blow hot enough what could be wrong?

Sticking thermostat could cause this. If the thermostat is stuck open, it never gives the engine a chance to fully heat the coolant. Follow the top radiator hose to the engine, remove the hose and remove what it hooks to and there's your thermostat.

Why does your air conditioner blow cool air out of your vents when it is on the on position but no air will come out when the thermostat is in the auto position?

A thermostat has an Auto position and an On position for the fan's operation. In the On position the switch between Red circuit on the thermostat and the Green circuit is closed, this energizes a fan relay that closes a normally open switch and energizes high/cool speed. On the other hand, the fan relays normally closed switch will go through a time or temp delay, or time and temp delay, that is what controls low/heat speed fan operation. If in cooling you must use the On position to get the fan to run your thermostats bad.

How does a car act with a bad thermostat?

If the thermostat is stuck in the CLOSED position, the vehicle will overheat and may cause a lot of damage. If it is stuck in the OPEN positin, the vehicle may not reach normal operating temperature and the heater may only blow warm or cold air.

Why would a thermostat run hot and the car heater blow cold air?

Insufficient amount of coolant or thermostat not opening

Can a thermostat cause your car's heater to blow warm air?


Why doesn't a 1995 ford explorer get to operating temperature therefore it does not blow warm air with the heater on?

If your coolant level is fine but your engine temperature gauge is reading on the cool side all the time , your thermostat is probably sticking open. ( or you have no thermostat , or the wrong thermostat - one that has too low of a temperature range ) Anybody else have any ideas ?

Would straight antifreeze make heater blow cold air?

No! Thermostat.

What can you check as to why 99 Oldsmobile Silhouette will not blow hot air for heater Changed and flushed collent and replaced thermostat already Switches seems fine?

How did you change the thermostat?

Heat won't blow in a 2002 Olds Bravada?

is there heat to blow or does the blower not work chk thermostat or vacuumn at htr sw respectfully

How do you get your 1996 Chevy z71 to blow warm air through the vents when you turn it to heat it blows cold?

If it still blows cold when it is at running temp, check the engine thermostat, its probably stuck in the open position.

Why does your 1994 Chevy s-10 heater blow cold air unless going 50 mph even with temp set to max?

You may be low on coolant. You may have the wrong temperature thermostat in it.

What can cause my Mitsubishi Eclipse to have poor heat?

Thermostat, or fan motor if it does not blow hard.

How do you make your heat blow hot in a 1998 sebring?

Make sure you have the right thermostat,

Heater does not blow hot all relays are good?

Check the thermostat or heater core

What happen if you remove the thermostat?

your car will over heat and you might blow your head gasket

Why would heater blow out hot in the summer and cold in the winter?

Could be a bad thermostat.

How do you install a thermostat on a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3 Liter?

you blow it up

Why does your electric furnace blow cold air only sometimes?

it may blow cold air due to the fact that the heat anticipator on your thermostat may be set to long. you can change useing your owners manual for your thermostat but you should have a service tech do it

What happens if you do not use a thermostat?

Running a vehicle without a thermostat will cause it to take longer to warm up and your interior heater may not blow hot air.