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What is wrong if the car won't start by turning the key but will if you cross the solenoid?

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Either the ignition switch is bad, or the solenoid itself.

I just changed them both. Also put in a new battery and changed the Neutral safety switch. I am getting power to the "boot" connection on the relay selinoid when the ignition is turned on. Anyone have any idea where to go next??

ANSWER.what kind of car. some have 2 selinoids on them . one on ths starter and one on the fenderwell.

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What is wrong when a battery clicks and will not start?

If you are talking about a car engine and battery then it is not the battery that is clicking. It is in all probability the solenoid.

What could be wrong with the electric start on your 1999 Yamaha Grizzly?

Usually battery or solenoid. If you hear a clicking noise, it is the solenoid. find the red wire coming off the battery, follow it until it connects to the solenoid, take off the red and black wires, put new solenoid in and your done.

Why would the starter try to engage while the engine is already running?

If you're implying that it engages without you turning the key, the problem is one of the following: * a faulty wire somewhere, * the starter solenoid was connected wrong * or the solenoid return spring has broken.

96 f150 clicks once won't start starts when jumped at solenoid?

Answer 1 - Vehicle Will Start When "Jumped"There could be several causes, but based on "...clicks once won't start starts when jumped.." suggests that there is something wrong within the cables or terminal clamps or connectors [corrosion inside that can't be observed] between the battery and solenoid, OR possibly a defective solenoid.

1986 rx-7 has overheated a couple times and now it will not start-it will only start after a push start-there is no starter noise what could be wrong?

I would first check for voltage at the ignition switch start feed wire on the solenoid(be sure to unhook it first from solenoid). If you are getting power on this wire when turning to start. It should be an issue with the solenoid/starter. Some part of this assembly could have been damaged from the overheat. If no power to the crank wire, I would get a hold of a repair manual and trace the crank wire from the ignition switch all the way to the starter, making sure it has battery power to that terminal on the solenoid. Once you have that and a known good starter she should crank right up. hope this helps.

What is wrong when your toenail starts turning green?

What is wrong when your toenail starts turning green?

What might be wrong if a 2000 Acura RL will not start. There is a clicking noise coming from one of the relays and the battery is fine?

Check the starter solenoid, starter ground resistance, and voltage out of thesolenoid when activated. If the solenoid is not clicking then the issue is either the relay or the fuse to the solenoid.

When was A Wrong Turning in American Poetry created?

A Wrong Turning in American Poetry was created in 1963.

When was With Windmills Turning Wrong Directions created?

With Windmills Turning Wrong Directions was created in 2004-06.

What is wrong when I try to start my 1994 aerostar van and it just clicks?

Dead battery? try jumping it off. bad starter solenoid? bad starter?

1972 Mustang won't start after the starter solenoid has been changed it doesn't click when the ignition is turned what could be wrong with it?

Solenoid could be installed incorrectly. Could be electrical connection on the solenoid. Did you re-connect the battery? Could be a bad starter motor...or a stuck starter motor. Sometimes a light tap or two on the starter motor (not the solenoid) with a hammer will free it up.

What is wrong with a car when it wont start just make a grinding sound?

It can be a defective starter assembly that causes this problem. There are two parts to a starter assembly: the starter motor and the starter solenoid. The offending culprit is usually the starter solenoid, and it should be replaced.

What could be wrong if you have to start a 96 Pontiac Sunfire by putting a screw driver on the starter?

The starter solenoid, or ignition switch is bad, and either one needs to be replaced.

What if your 2006 suzuki boulevard m50 will just click whenever you try to start it what is wrong with it?

Could be a dead battery or a problem with the starter...most likely the solenoid switch.

2001 Yamaha warrior 350 new battery but dead then you take a screw driver and touch the two terminals together on the solenoid then starts What is wrong?

The solenoid is not activating. Either the solenoid contacts are shot, the solenoid operating coil has opened up (burnt out), or the start circuit is not delivering battery voltage to the solenoid operating coil. With the ignition OFF, measure the DC voltage across the solenoid operating contacts (the thin contacts). It should be zero. Now measure the resistance of the solenoid control winding (lighter terminals). It should be somewhere from 6 ohms up to say 100 or so ohms. If it is much higher, the solenoid is burnt out; get a new one. If the solenoid seems good, go back to volts, and while someone tries to start the vehicle measure the voltage across the control terminals. If it is not about 12 volts, trace back to locate where it is getting lost. If it is 12 volts, then the solenoid is trash so swap it out.

1996 lumina drove to work back home fine Now when turning key trying to start no clicking or cranking can be heard Radio dash lights everything else works Just no cranking no start Whats wrong?

AnswerCheck wires on starter - maybe "trigger" wire on starter solenoidMay be bad starter? " " " solenoidCheck to make sure3 battery cables are tight and cleanhad same problem on my lumina hope this is not your problem.. security light flasded on off had to fix anti thef security system..forgive my spelling

What is wrong when a car keeps trying to start after started?

If you mean that the starter keeps spinning after the vehicle starts), the solenoid/relay switch is not releasing. In the START position, the relay spins the starter to start the engine and should release when the key is moved from START to RUN. Probably needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Help your truck is broken I have a1996 GMC sonoma.IT wont start at all.it wont even make that turning noise.altonator battery OK..what could be wrong..used to have to push start sometimescluth?

Seized engine? Dead battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Bad starter solenoid? Dead spot on starter? Bad clutch safety switch? Bad ignition switch? Resistor in Key?

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