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might have a leak in the clutch lines somewhere check to see if you have any fluid should be by the master cylinder and look like a clear pill bottle change your slave would cost you about $45..i had the same problem last its running 89' probe..

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โˆ™ 2005-09-18 02:25:03
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Q: What is wrong if the clutch in your Ford Probe does not come back up after pushing it in and will not allow you to get into gear?
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What is wrong when pushing the clutch it is hard to engaged and when trying to shift it to start going it won't shift?

to start with when you push in on the clutch pedal you are disengaging it. Your description sounds like the clutch has clutched its last clutch What if it is not the clutch?

What is wrong if you have a 1994 Probe that wont go into 2ND 4TH or Reverse pushing clutch all the way in but will go into 1ST 3RD and 5TH shifting hard recently?

Most likely, the clutch or the clutch pilot bearing is dragging. This is caused by clutch hydraulic leaks not letting the clutch fully disengage or the clutch pressure plate/disc/flywheel is warped. Crawl under the car, (engine off)have a friend push/release pedal, see if slave cylinder throw seems adequate and look for leaks. If throw is short, problem is in the clutch hydraulics; if throw is normal, problem is the clutch.

What is wrong if your clutch stops dead at about three quarters down and it doesn't allow you to shift gears?

You have a bad or clogged slave or clutch master cylinder

My 97 Saturn goes in gear easily with or without pushing clutch down and then it doesnt go whats wrong?

You have no clutch left. May of worn to the point it's not grabing or the clutch face may have blown off all at once. If you dump the clutch to often it can go all at once.

Why does your keyboard type the wrong symbols?

Maybe someone is pushing the wrong functions.

What is wrong if the clutch pedal does not come back up fully and gears stick?

You may need to adjust your clutch or replace your clutch.

Why would a brand new clutch slip?

Possibly the clutch was installed facing the wrong way, or the clutch has not had enough time to properly seat.

How you can to do clutch adjustment?

A Saturn clutch is self adjusting. It's a hydraulic system and if the clutch is not adjusting properly it indicates that there is something wrong with the clutch mechanism, either clutch disk, pressure plate or hydraulic components.

How do you adjust a Saturn SC clutch?

There is no adjusting these clutches. It uses a hydraulic system to push on the clutch. If you are having problems either there is a problem with the clutch assembly. Its worn out and slipping. Or the clutch slave or master cylinder is leaking, either internally or externally and its not pushing the clutch. If somthing is wrong with the clutch then you might as well buy a kit and replace everything as long as you are going to have the transmission out.The slave and master cylinders should also be replaced with a complete kit. It also saves on not having to bleed the system since the kit is fully assembled and has fluid in it already.

How do you tighten the clutch on a 94 Ford Escort?

There is no tightening. It is hydraulic and self-adjusting. If you have little or no clutch, you need a new clutch or something is wrong in the hydraulics.

Clutch will not disengage?

If it's a hydraulic clutch, try bleeding the slave cylinder. Manual linkage, try adjusting the clutch. If no help, something's wrong with the pressure plate and you need a new clutch.

What could be wrong if your air conditioning does not work on a Ford Probe?

Mine is out of Freon.

Motorcycle jumps and dies when put in gear even with the clutch pulled in what could be wrong?

Your clutch needs adjusted or replaced.

What could be wrong with the transmission in a 1994 ford probe gt that makes it slip?

If its an AUTOMATIC transmission,,,,More than likely,,,its the bands and clutches needs replacing in the tranny,,,if its a STANDARD,,,,its the CLUTCH,,,PRESSURE PLATE needs replacing Semper-Fi Devil-Dog

What do you do when you feel a strong something pushing at your anus?

Wrong place to ask!!!!!

What is wrong when the clutch goes all the way to the floor very easily?

I would say air in the line, or you need a new clutch

What is wrong when its hard to put the car in gear?

The transmission. or clutch if it has one.

What is wrong with my transmission my truck won't shift gears when the engine is on it will shift with engine off the clutch does not work?

you need a clutch that's all

What is wrong if the clutch pedal will not engage so the gearshift will go in gear?

Could be a broken clutch fork, linkage, or cable depending on the setup.

What is wrong your Grand Am clutch is on the floor?

My 94 Pontiac grand am se quad 4 the clutch is real loose and 1st gear is slipping

Your Honda Prelude 1992 with a new clutch won't engage into gear what is your problem?

If it will go into gear when the engine is off but not when the engine is running, the clutch is not disengaging. It could be the clutch, possibly warped or put in wrong, or it could be the hydraulic clutch mechanism.

Your 2006 kia spectra 5 does not start on the first turnany suggestions on what could be wrong?

We had the same problem, and thought maybe it was the battery, turned out to be a faulty clutch switch. Next time the car won't start, try pushing down HARD on the cluch 3 times and then try starting it again, if it starts, you've got a bad clutch switch. Hope that helps!

Can put a Ford Probe gt bumper on a Ford Probe base?

NO you can't because a ford probe Gt is a v6 while the ford probe base is a flat 4. Because of this the car is shaped differently including the bumper so you need to order a bumper for a base ford probe. this guy is wrong it is a direct bolt on and its inline 4 not flat 4

What can go wrong on a clutch pressure plate?

i dont know. over heats

When you take your foot off the clutch when in 1st gear or reverse your '92 Escort will not move what is wrong?

If it does this in all gears, I bet your clutch is shot. Other things that could cause problems are the Clutch master cylinder or clutch slave cylinder.