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Could be a broken clutch fork, linkage, or cable depending on the setup.

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2005-11-13 15:32:18
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Q: What is wrong if the clutch pedal will not engage so the gearshift will go in gear?
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What is wrong if the clutch pedal does not come back up fully and gears stick?

You may need to adjust your clutch or replace your clutch.

89 troopers clutch mastercylinder was leaking replaced it shortly after your truck acted like the clutch was not depressed can you start the truck with out the pedal or what else is wrong with it?

Try adjusting your pedal

What is wrong when pushing the clutch it is hard to engaged and when trying to shift it to start going it won't shift?

to start with when you push in on the clutch pedal you are disengaging it. Your description sounds like the clutch has clutched its last clutch What if it is not the clutch?

Why does the brake light come on when engaging the clutch - it goes off as soon as I release the clutch. It doesn't come on when I brake...?

There is ( or should be ) a switch on your brake pedal lever that tells your brake lights to come on. Could this switch be incorrectly mounted on your clutch pedal instead? Do you have a switch on each pedal? If you do the one on your clutch is so the car won't start unless the clutch is depressed. It might have the wires reversed or the switches might both be mounted on the wrong pedal.

What is wrong with your clutch system if you just changed the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder and your clutch pedal wont engage the slave cylinder?

If you allowed the master/reservoir to drain empty while the line was disconnected or installed the master dry, you may have to remove the master and bench bleed it first. Always keep the reservoir full during the process.

What is wrong when you are unable to shift gears and the clutch feels heavy But when the car is off you can shift but then the car dies?

It sounds like something is defective in the clutch pedal linkage, or actually within the clutch itself.

Ac switch 2002 Pontiac has three prongs which two do you jump to get clutch engage?

Dont jump them, its not a switch, its a transducer and you could wreck your pcm by jumping the wrong one. Run a power wire directly to your compressor to get the clutch to engage. If it doent engage then, it is your clutch. Remember to first check refridgerant level and fuses/relays. Good luck.

What could be wrong with your 1997 Honda Accord if it wont turn over when you turn the keys although it was fine just a day ago you checked the battery and the battery is fine?

Clutch pedal switch or deteriated clutch pedal switch pad.

Your Honda Prelude 1992 with a new clutch won't engage into gear what is your problem?

If it will go into gear when the engine is off but not when the engine is running, the clutch is not disengaging. It could be the clutch, possibly warped or put in wrong, or it could be the hydraulic clutch mechanism.

What is wrong when a clutch pedal is half pressed and at the same time the accelerator is pressed?

if I understand the question you asked correctly, I would say you are in need of a clutch but it might need adjustment but not likely.

What is wrong with my car i was driving home and as i was parking it didnt want to move forward i can change gears without stepping on the clutch?

something is wrong with the clutch or something is wrong with the gas pedal. But it depends on the car. It happened the same with me with my 2009 Fararri. If its a car that will work but if its a truck than I dont know

1987 Porsche 944 will engage into gear but when you release the clutch you hear a clunk and it wont go what's wrong with it?

The throwout bearing in your clutch is the likely culprit here. Your clutch may be shot in addition, but you are probably looking at a costly fix here.

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