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"It means that you should see a Doctor ASAP!!! It sounds like you have jauindice. It is a disorder concerning you kidneys not fuctioning properly. Making the whites of your eyes yellow because of the urine not being taken out of your body. It also means that you are dehydrated, GET TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!"

The previous poster is not correct. It does not mean your kidney isn't functioning properly. Yellowing of the eye whites and face/body mean that your LIVER is not function properly causing Jaundice. When red blood cells "retire" they filter through the liver and out in your stool. If the liver is unable to process those old red blood cells because of malfuntion or damage to the liver they become visible in the skin. The "yellow" is actually the old red blood cells and they are called bilirubin. And yes, SEE A DOCTOR ASAP.

#1...I think you mean liver... BUT my optometrist told me several years ago that the whites of my eyes are yellow tinged because of sun damage. It's funny cos when I open them wider than what they usually are, there's the white! But then when I went to a different optometrist last month, she told me it was to do with astigmatism... so the best option, as with everyone who asks medical related advice is to see your doctor/optometrist. It may be nothing, so you can have piece of mind, but it could also be something that you'll be glad you went to them sooner rather than later. Or call one of the freecall healthlines that are offered. At least they can offer you professional advice

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