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What is wrong if there is no resistance in the clutch pedal for 1996 Mitsubishi Galant with manual transmission?


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it means you have no clutch fluid(brake fluid) or that you possibly have a leak in the line somewhere or that it needs to be bled.might possibly be the master or slave cylinder.first check the clutch fluid resivor.if its empty then you need to top it off and bleed the line @ the master cylinder then at the slave cylinder.then find out why you have no fluid...the clutch fluid resivor is the smaller one of the two,check inside the car for a leak too,follow the clutch pedal to the firewall and you will see the small rod that goes into your clutch master cylinder,if you have a leak there the master cylinder is bad


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On top of the transmission, near the clutch slave cylinder.

you will have to remove the transmission. once you have the tranny off you can remove and replace the clutch...if you buy a new clutch specific directions will come with it...too long to write here.

A Concorde has an automatic transmission. It does not have a clutch.A Concorde has an automatic transmission. It does not have a clutch.

the sensor that tells your engine when the clutch is engaged will be located somewhere on the transmission itself depending on the year. my 96's was right on top under the battery.

same way you bleed the brakes. push clutch all the way to the floor and release the bleed valve on the transmission. tighten it up, release the clutch. Need 2 people to do it.

A major indicator would be when you push the clutch in, you can't shift your transmission. Another one would be when you push the clutch pedal, it just goes straight to the floor with no resistance, or it doesn't push in at all.

You dont..its hydrolic...if the petal spongy..check the fluid level in drive side firewall..if low add..brake fluid...get new master..and or slave... If its slipping...time for a clutch assy....

The clutch slave cylinder in your 1998 Mitsubishi does not use fluid. The clutch slave cylinder is sealed with grease inside of it.

The transmission must be removed to install a new clutch.The transmission must be removed to install a new clutch.

Transmission fluid will do work for your clutch my friend no worries here.

The VW Beetle does not have clutch fluid. There is not any fluid associated with the clutch. The transmission has transmission fluid.

A clutch in an automatic transmission will decrease fuel economy. A clutch in a manual transmission will increase fuel efficiency.

The clutch is. Not adjustable.The clutch is. Not adjustable.

manual transmission , with no clutch pedal .

up behind transmission under the intake manifold to be more comftable take the battery off or you can leave it on,its your choice.thanks.

no , only with the manual transmission for the hydraulic clutch

The torque converter is located between the engine and transmission. The clutch packs are inside the transmission. This car has no mechanical clutch as it is an automatic. There is also a clutch mounted on the front of the A/C compressor.

The 2002 PT cruiser is equipped with an automatic transmission. The automatic transmission does not have a standard clutch. The transmission will need to be completely rebuilt.

Installing the transmission after it has been removed in order to replace a clutch or the transmission itself. "Stabbing" comes from act of inserting the shaft of the transmission through the clutch during installation of the transmission. It can be difficult simply because the transmission is heavy but also because the splines have to line up exactly right before the transmission will "stab" the clutch. Below is a picture of the transmission shaft and splines. With the clutch mounted to the back of the engine on the flywheel, the trans has to slide all the way into the clutch and the bell housing of the transmission has to mate completely flush with the engine bell housing,

Yes, the clutch does go on a manual transmission 94 Escort.

Research indicates that there is no pilot bearing in the 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer. On some front wheel drives the clutch disk is splined to the main shaft which has two bearings in the transmission case. No pilot bearing is necessary.

not unless the transmission already comes with a clutch for high performance hugh horsepower builds it would be better to upgrade the clutch anyway

what is the job of a one-way clutch

The hydraulic clutch reservoir is attached to the firewall. The hydraulic clutch slave cylinder is in front of the transmission. The transmission would have to be dropped to gain access to the slave cylinder.

No, the engine does not have to be removed, but the transmission does. Cost, depends very much on where you live. Get estimates.

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