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I'm not aware of this being a symptom of high blood pressure, but it is a typical symptom of a blocked or bent Eustachian Tube. It could be blocked due to an infection or a congenital defect. One treatment for the latter condition is insertion of a stint to straighten the tube. This IS very common and I've heard many people complain of this. It's almost like an echo chamber. I've had it several times in my life as others have and although annoying it does go away. I've had my heart checked out several times and everything is just OK. If you are upset about it see your doctor and they will explain more to you and why this happens.


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When you can feel your heart beating more than usual it just means that you were more active. People who exercise can feel their hearts racing after working out.

The R and S waves on the EKG show how the heart is contracting and whether or not there is anything wrong with the beating of the heart or the structure of the heart.

Its important because it tells you how fast your heart is beating and if it beats faster that any other person you know that there is something wrong with your heart rate.

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to listen to a patients heart beat.they can tell kinda what is wrong with you from the sound of your heartbeat or speed

Yes, he's wrong. Once the heart stops, the blood quickly stops circulating, and just settles. It doesn't matter what chemicals, like adrenaline, are in it.

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Yes, it is twice a "normal" rate for an adult. The best to do is to consult a doctor.

It would probably be elevated because you are under stress, but the blood pressure really doesn't have much to do with the actual heart attack. Doctors look at the following to determine if you're having a heart attack:EKG or ECG - the measurement of your heartbeats over a period of time, which tells you which parts of the heart are not beating properly, whether or not it is beating rhythmically, and how fast it is beatingCardiac enzymes and troponin - checked with a blood test. These enzymes show that the heart has been damaged, and only show up in the blood if this occurs.Doctors can also do an echocardiograph, or an image of the heart while beating, to show what's wrong in what area, or a catheterization, where a tiny tube is sent into the heart to show what's going on inside.

Without being patronising, you'd know if it wasn't! However, I am a heart patient and sometimes can't feel my heart beating in the same places as other people can because my beat gets weak and fast. The places for normal people are your radial pulse point and your carotid pulse point (one side at a time). If you have a stethoscope, the apical pulse (that's what I do right over my heart) is your actual heart beating, but you have to get used to how and where to listen. Your heart, as a normal person, will always be beating, but it's always worth a visit to your doctor for a cadiac checkup, as it's a very important organ that you don't value until it goes wrong! Ask me any more questions that you have...

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