What is wrong if you are straight but enjoy gay sex?

Being Gay is WRONG. Marriage is between one man and one woman. Can a male and male reproduce??? or can a female and a female reproduce??? NO. If we all were gay the human race would die out. What sense does that make!

another view on the first view

at times when humans were scarce in numbers, yes... but now, with 6.7 billion people inhabiting the world, why would it bother you that a part of those does not reproduce...and why reproduce? aren't there enough children with nobody caring for them? shouldn't they receive care? homosexuals are a solution to that, and you should keep that in mind. or would you let those poor children die?

Another view

If a peron has feelings for both sexes it is called being bi-sexual. There are many people who are bi-sexual. There is nothing "wrong" with it.

Another view, the non-Western view, closer to nature:

All men have a sexual need for other men. There is really nothing gay about enjoying sex with men. In fact, straight males not only have a more intense and qualitative need for other men than gays, (the latter being more about promiscuity and lust), it is also quite universal amongst straight males. In nature, male-female romantic bonds are unheard of amongst mammals. Male-female sex interaction is occasional, brief and limited to reproductive sex, if at all. Males only have long term, even life-long, committed marriage type bonding with another male.